Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally! We wanted to use this fantastic set of dishes for a long time and now we have. The pattern is called "Bath" by Grindley of England. The company made this pattern from 1914 to 1925. Part of the set that we own was purchased at Antiques and Old Things - a wonderful antique shop in Fortuna, CA. I received them as a Christmas present from my dear friend, Sue, several years ago. Most of the fill-in pieces were found at (hard to image that they would have so many pieces of something that old but they did.) Green depression glass is used as chargers and to accent the table.
The lace tablecloth sits on top of a green liner.

Silverware belonged to our Mother.
Mayonnaise and liner was an eBay purchase. It matches the flower bowl.
Vintage luncheon napkins are beautiful but hard to fold evenly.

This cute butter dish was purchased on eBay.

Candle holders are part of Pat's collection. They are stunning on the table.

This is the only broken piece - not bad for as old as the pattern is.....

This is actually a Preserve and cover in the "Spiral" pattern.

Aren't these beautiful? Part of Pat's collection of salt and pepper shakers.

The "Spiral" sherbet sits on a saucer.

All the glassware is by Tiffin. Some of them are this pattern, some are diamond pattern. All of them are beautiful.

This is a gorgeous bowl used to hold flowers. It sits on top of a depression glass sandwich tray.

The salad plate is only 7 1/2 wide but it is beautiful.

This is actually a luncheon plate in this pattern - approximately 8 1/2" - smaller than most.

The green dinner plate ("Spiral" by Hocking Glass Company made from 1928 through 1930) was used as a charger. 
There you have it. Everything on the table is at least 60 years old. I think it looks pretty respectable. Who ever said things improve with age was right.

Tablecloths and vintage napkins - Part of our collection
Silverware - From our Mother
Green depressionware - local antique stores, eBay, family heirlooms
Dinnerware - "Bath" by Grindley of England from Antiques and Old Thingsin Fortuna,CA, and from Replacements
Candles, some flowers - Michael's

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