Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Johnson Brothers Olde English Countryside Tablescape

Both Pat and I love classic English murder mysteries - you know the ones set in a quaint, small English village with the "manor" or big house owned by a Lord. Of course it has a Vicarage, a Pub and lots of thatched roof houses owned by kooky, eccentric or slightly peculiar residents. Who can resist it? Well, fortunately, we combined our love of those novels with our love of dinnerware when we found a great pattern of dishes from Johnson Brothers called "Olde English Countryside."
The dinnerware is perfect for Fall  - the colors are brown, tan, rust, burgundy and sage with a hint of blue and yellow.

Flatware is hammered "Colonial Copper" from Horchow

Since it is from Johnson Brothers, the salad plate is square

Pat used two chargers - this one is a "Sage" Fiesta(ware) chop plate

We found these beautiful wooden chargers at Pier 1 at least five years ago

Glassware is "Woodland" by Fostoria

Pat made an arrangement of assorted Fall berries, pods, flowers, and grapevine balls

From the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Wooden Chargers - from Pier 1 five years ago
Sage Green Chargers - "Sage" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate by Homer Laughlin from
Dinnerware - "Olde English Countryside" by Johnson Brothers (1974-1983) from eBay
Glassware - "Woodland" by Fostoria from Tailwaggers (a local thrift store that supports a no-kill animal shelter)
Flatware - "Colonial Copper" from Horchow several years ago
Brown Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Brown Salt and Pepper Shakers - from JoAnn Fabrics several years ago
Wooden Centerpiece Bowl - from Pier 1 two years ago

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

March of the Witches Tablescape

Talk about nostalgia - Pat pulled out the first set of dinnerware that we ever bought at our local Pier 1 when it opened up several years ago to use on this week's table. We have never used it before so it was about time. (And much to my surprise, I noticed last week that Pier 1 still has the same dish pattern for sale.)
Pat selected "Teal Reactive" dinnerware for the teal rim - it goes perfectly with the "Marching Witches" centerpiece

Flatware is satin finished "Meridian" by Cambridge

Pat said that this pattern reminds her of  "eye of the newt" (one of the ingredients of the witch's brew from Shakespeare's play, "Macbeth.") So does it actually matter that eye of the newt is really mustard seed?????

To coordinated with the matte finish of the flatware, Pat used matte finish black chargers

We found these teal blue goblets at Pier 1 this year - the label says "green" on the box but they do not look very green to me

Naturally Pat had to set the candle holders like they were marching, too. to match the witches - then with luck, she found teal colored candles to go with the witches

The "Marching Witches" centerpiece is from TJMaxx this year

The Depression Ware candle holders look like witches shoes

 The next series of pictures is how the table was actually used - Pat's husband suggested filling the individual covered soup bowls with candy. Much to his dismay, Pat decided on a more healthy soup......
At first, Pat added the covered soup bowls because they went well with the "Marching Witches" figurine - but changed the menu so she could actually use them.

Where it came from:
Leather Place Mats - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond several years ago
Black Matte Chargers - from the sale rack at Pier 1 this year
Dinnerware - "Teal Reactive" from Pier 1 many years ago
Flatware - "Meridian" by Cambridge from Bed, Bath, and Beyond last year
Glassware - Green "Meadow" from Pier 1 this year
Pumpkin Soup Bowls - from Pier 1 several years ago
Bread/Butter Plates - "Black" Fiesta(ware) by Homer Laughlin from
Teal Napkins - from Tuesday Morning two or three years ago
Witches Centerpiece - from TJMaxx this year
Candle Holders - part of our Depression Ware collection

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Simple Autumn Tablescape

Yippeeee!!! The electric power is back on in our area! After sitting in the dark and cold with gust of wind up to 70 miles per hour in some areas for what seemed like weeks (only days) due to the Northern California rolling safety power outage, having heat, hot water, telephones, and lights is a dream come true. You very quickly learn to appreciate little things. And kind thoughts to those who are still without electricity.

Anyway, back to tablescaping (and computer access)........We've been posting a lot of orange and green tablescapes lately - you know, the traditional colors of Autumn. Pat couldn't resist another one:
Pat loves traditional Fall colors - I think that this is the third table this season with these colors. 

The flatware was chosen not for the bee on the handle, but because of its shape - it adds some interest to the place setting.

Glassware is from the Dollar Tree - one of our very favorite purchases that we use a lot

Pat made an arrangement of pumpkins and squash in a wooden bowl for the centerpiece

From the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Faux Olive Green Leather Place Mats - from Bed, Bath and Beyond several year ago
Dinnerware - "Harvest Garden" from Pier 1 three or four years ago
Flatware - "Napoleon Bee" stainless by Wallace Silversmith from Horchow two or three years ago (but still available)
Bread and Butter Plate - Vintage "Old Ivory" Fiesta(ware) [1936-1951] by Homer Laughlin from
Individual Pumpkin Soup Tureen - from Pier 1 four or five years ago
Glassware - from the Dollar Tree (currently available)
Sage Green Napkins - from Tuesday Morning  three years ago
Burnt Orange Hemstitch Napkin - from TJMaxx two years ago
Pumpkin Napkin Ring - from Pier 1 years ago
Centerpiece Squash and Pumpkins - from Michael's (seasonally available)
Centerpiece Bowl - from Pier 1 two years ago

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: