Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
Dishes, dishes, dishes........

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday is Cinco De Mayo, and here in California, it is a big day of celebration - lots of great food, good music, and friendly people.  Colors are bold and bright. So, naturally, a table set for that day should represent this. I had pulled out all sorts of things to use having no idea where to start. Pat looked at the "huge pile" of possibilities that I had made, and within a few minutes, had the table set.

The first layer is a Mexican blanket purchased in Puerto Vallarta twenty years ago. Since it is wool, it wears well but it's not the best choice for a tablecloth - hence, Pat used bright yellow placemats on top. She made the napkins, of course, to coordinate with the Mexican theme.
Full of color, the table has a chili pepper theme. Notice the votives in assorted colors to match.

The place setting consists of a very large square dinner plate used as a charger.

Pat came up with the idea of using two soup bowls as candle holders.

Here's a closeup.

The flatware is just as bold and bright as the dishes.

The centerpiece is an extra large chili-shaped bowl raised and filled with assored colorful peppers.

Pat used three glasses - naturally one for Margaritas and, if guests prefer, one for beer. The matching water glass holds a napkin.

Overview of the table with a different candlestick - not as bright and festive even though everything else is the same.

Betty dressed for the festivities.

To add color, Pat used colorful gummies.

Closeup of the empty 18" long centerpiece.

Just another view of the table.
Tablecloth - Purchased in Mexico years ago
Placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond still available
Dinnerware - by Laurie Gates for Macy's (purchased several years ago)
Glassware - Dollar Store (currently available)
Flatware - by Cambridge from Ross Dress [and Set Your Table] for Less two years ago
Assorted accent peppers - Kohl's
Candles - Michael's
Votives - Bed, Bath, and Beyond (currently available in several colors)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yes - Easter is over but we were unable to celebrate that day. So......finally, as promised, the Easter Brunch table has been set. Pat and her husband always have lots of family and friends over on Easter morning to eat and celebrate together. She usually sets up one or two additional tables spilling over into the Living Room to hold the crowd.

Pat bakes for several days prior - everything homemade - scones (four different varieties all served with flavored butters and lemon curd,) cinnamon rolls, croissants, and hot cross buns. Of course, there is French Toast, sausage (this year was a sausage and egg casserole), fresh fruit compote, Champagne, assorted fruit juices, and coffee and tea. And somewhere in there, Pat still had time to make the napkins for the tablescape. Not bad.

When Pat and her husband had the kitchen remodeled, they created a really neat thing. It is a dual purpose counter-top/dining table. It is the same height as the counters and has been covered in a sheet of Corian to match. When she wants a formal table, she uses assorted tablecloths to cover it up. The chairs were purchased from a company in Canada to match the kitchen and fit the height of the table.

Let Easter Brunch begin.........

Untypically Easter, this year's theme colors are blue, white and yellow (no bland and boring pastels for this table.)

Close up of the place setting showing a blue Martini glass used to hold the fruit compote.
Hand made napkins from bright yellow Kona cotton ironed crisp and clean. Napkin ring is painted PVC pipe.
The juice glass is actually a small wine glass in a neat trumpet style shape.
Flatware is silverplate King James pattern made by Oneida. 
The cute bunny centerpiece was made years ago by Pat.
Close up of one of the frosted bunny votive holders used to serve candy instead of holding candles.
The top layer of the placesetting.

The place setting uses two chargers - the first is a white alabaster plate from Pier I. The blue plate is by Luigi Bormoli. The dinner plate and compote liner is Blue Danube. The white salad plate is Corning Centura (Pat's wedding pattern choice nearly 40 years ago.)

Tablecloth - Gottschalks (wonderful West Coast chain of Department stores now closed)
White charger - White Aabaster from Pier I (they also have this pattern in blue)
Blue charger - by Luigi Bormoli purchased at Ross several years ago 
Blue Danube dinnerware - Gottschalks and (after several earthquakes)
Blue goblets - Another department store at our local Mall no longer in business
Blue wine/juice and martini glasses - Judal from
Trumpet shaped champagne goblet - Ross last year
Flatware - family heirloom
Frosted bunny votives - Tuesday Morning

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Springtime is all about gardening here in Humboldt County (indoor, outdoor, legal, illegal - garden centers are very busy this time of year.) Pat and I will be making our annual trip to Pierson's (Building Center and Garden Shop) soon. So it's about time to pull out the Pfaltzgraff  Naturewood dishes and set a table.

These are versatile everyday dishes that can be used all year long.

Although the Sweet Maiden is a bird feeder, she is perfect for a centerpiece. Here she holds more flowers.

Pat took inexpensive clay pots and used glue and white sand to add color and texture to the flower pots.

The small flower pots hold salt and pepper.
This is Ralph. Pat thought we should invite a little of the "outdoors" to our Garden themed table. And I guess she is right - a frog (a rather large one) is just the perfect guest.

Starting with the salad plate.......

The next layer is the buffet plate (here it is used as the dinner plate.)

The large dinner plate is used as a charger.

The wooden-like charger is from Pier I.

Bamboo placemats - Pier I years ago (before we had one locally)
Flatware - Noritake Ironstone (purchased 20-30 years ago)
Wood charger - Pier I last year
Dinnerware - Local Department store now out of business
Brown Libby glasses - Kohl's (but I saw them at Ross last week)
Clear wine glass - Dollar Store
Napkin ring - Bed, Bath, and Beyond currently available
Sanded Flower pots - handmade by Pat
Miniature Flower pots and Sweet Maiden Centerpiece - Michael's
Ceramic Salt Spoons - Maryland China Company

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Although most people are posting Easter tablescapes, of course, we have to be the "odd man out" once again. Due to unforeseen circumstances Easter Brunch was postponed - we will post that tablescape later. But life does goes here is a Moroccan-style table that Pat came up with earlier this month (because I had to have these wonderful gold plates and bowls that were on sale at Pier I. Sound familiar?)

Overview of the table. The rich gold of the placesettings look especially nice with the trumpet style multi-colored glass (also on sale at Pier I.)

Sorry Betty (in the background) is still "dressed" for the first tablescape we posted. I promise to have her "ready" for the next dinner.

The amber/gold colored cracked crystal glasses are also from Pier I. They work well with many different tablescapes. The large glass is actually a wine glass but it is used as a water glass here.

Both of these votives were purchased at Michael's recently.

The napkins (a turquoise blue and a rust colored napkin to match the colors in the trumpet glass) are covered with a gold overlay (Pat made all of them from material from JoAnn's Fabrics.) The napkin ring picks up the same colors.

The flatware is Gold Ionic by Wallace from 

Yes, I love these glass balls. And Pat is right - I use them too many times, but they are sooooo pretty. And the color goes so well with the Moroccan table.

Tablecloth - Bed, Bath, and Beyond several years ago
Placemats - Pier I
All glasses - Pier I
Flatware -
Candlesticks - Kohl's
Votives and candles - Michael's
Gold Dinner plates and bowls - Pier I
White charger and Bread/Butter plate - Mansfield by Lenox (thanks Jennifer)
Burgundy and gold chargers - Costco (when Costco had some neat stuff)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Time to decorate the table again......this time was really fun. Pat and I went to Pier I a couple weeks ago, and I fell in love with these napkin rings. I just had to have them but had no idea what to do with them (besides, that's Pat's job. I just "fall in love" with stuff and she always figures out how to use it. She has the table talent - I have the table.) is what she came up with in about five minutes of "shopping" in the cupboards, shelves, storage area, etc. I think she "aced" it again.

Here is a close-up of the napkin ring. It is really unique.

The place setting uses green Depression glass (Spiral by Hocking Glass, 1928-1930) and the green goblets are by Tiffin. The turquoise wine glass is from Pier I. The white shell plate is by Otagiri. Flatware is King James silverplate by Oneida.

The table is set using a fishnet over a simple white cloth. Assorted shells and glass balls act as the centerpiece. White candlesticks and white lanterns are placed on each side.

Turquoise glasses, napkin rings, glass balls, candlesticks - Pier I
Green Depression Glass - mostly family heirlooms (Pat's fantastic Mother-in-Law)
Flatware (King James by Oneida) - our Mother's "good" silver years ago
White lanterns - Target a few weeks ago
Candles, fish net, tealights, shells - Michaels'
Starfish - Kohl's
Napkin - handmade by Pat from Kona cotton (her favorite)
Otagiri shell Bread and Butter plate - local antique/junk store several years ago.