Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lighthouse Luncheon Tablescape

Over forty years ago, while Pat and her husband were in the city (that's what we call San Francisco up here some six hours away in rural, remote Northern California) visiting family, they stopped by a very non-tourist fishing supply store near Fisherman's Wharf and purchased some lanterns. These were the inspiration for the table this week.
The table - perfect for our coastal town of Eureka, CA

The place setting - Pat used two chargers to give it more interest. The lighthouse pictured on the accent plate is West Quoddy Head near Lubec, Maine (built in 1808 and stands 49 feet tall.)

What could be better than rustic looking "Treble Clef" flatware? The curly ends go well with the very popular weathered looking chargers from Pier 1

This is just one of the lighthouses featured on the salad plates

The inspiration lantern

Pat "borrowed" the boat - it was handcrafted by her husband years ago

From the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Mocha Brown Tablecloth - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Netting - Michael's and TJMaxx
Net Floats (Glass Balls) - Pier 1
Rope and White Chargers - Pier 1
Dishware - by American Atelier from Replacements and eBay
Bread/Butter Plate - Scarlet Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Replacements
Glassware - from the Dollar Store
Flatware - "Treble Clef" by Gourmet Settings from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Ivory Napkin - Handmade by Pat
Lanterns - from Frank's Fishing Supplies in San Francisco
Fishing Boat - Handmade by Pat's husband

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Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910 near Silver Bay, Minnesota on the Northern Shore of Lake Superior and stands 54 feet tall (not counting the cliff it stands on)

Cape Hatteras Light is a 210 foot tall lighthouse located near Buxton, North Carolina on Hatteras Island. It was originally built in 1802 but destroyed during the Civil War. Rebuilt in 1870, it was moved to higher ground in 1999. 

Cape Neddick Lighthouse stands 41 feet tall and is located on an small island off Cape Neddick near York, Maine. It was built in 1879.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

John Deere Tablescape

This week's table was designed by Pat's daughter, Jennifer. Inspiration came from her Dad's family. Grandpa Silvio owned a dairy farm on the Ferndale Bottoms and worked it all his life. The family still retains the farm, but now it is rented out. And while the old John Deere tractor is long gone, the memories still hang on.......
Over view of the table

The place setting

Flatware is ceramic handled "Radiant" by Noritake. 

Jennifer loves Fiesta dishware - no surprise that she used a Shamrock Green dinner plate

The charger is Indigo Black "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa

Burlap placemats  were the perfect choice (complete with hay......sorry. Needless, to say, hay is EVERYWHERE....)

Mini hay bales and miniature tractors were used as place card holders

Dollar Store beer pilsners hold gray and yellow napkins

The centerpiece was simple - small hay bales and a life-like miniature farm wind mill

Where it came from:
Burlap Placemats - Tuesday Morning this year
Black Charger - Indigo Black "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa from eBay and Replacements
Green Dinner Plate and Bread/Butter Plate - Shamrock Green Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Macy's
John Deere Accent Plate - by Gibson from eBay and Replacements
Flatware - "Radiant" by Noritake from eBay and Replacements
Beer Glass - from the Dollar Store
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
All Hay Bales - from Michael's
Metal Wind Mill - from Art & Old Things (our favorite antique store located in Fortuna, CA)
Metal John Deere Tractors -  at a local John Deere tractor shop

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chinese New Year Tablescape

"Gong Hay Fat Choy" (Best and Prosperous Wishes) - we wanted to create a table this week that would celebrate a very long and noble tradition - Chinese New Year. Pat has been blessed to meet someone in our community who is Chinese and is willing to share some of her heritage:

The color red symbolizes vitality of life and of happiness. Gold represents wealth and prosperity. Pat used both colors on the table and added bright oranges (that also represent wealth), apples (for peace), and tangerines (for Good Fortune.)
Over view of the table

The place setting

Gift card - any amount of money is acceptable except a nickel (which is bad luck.)

Pat and I both fell in love with these antique gold chargers from Tuesday Morning but didn't pick them up the day we went shopping together. I went back the next day. (I couldn't sleep that night knowing they might be gone.) Pat went into the store later that next day, unaware that I already bought them, and couldn't find them. Upset, she talked to the cashier, who quickly assured her that it was me who bought them when the store first opened up that morning.........It's nice - sometimes - to live in a small town. Everyone knows everyone.....

Pat wanted to keep the table simple and sleek. She chose black glassware.

The centerpiece is colorful fruit arranged on square platters - peace, wealth, and good fortune

One last look

Some other interesting information:
Prepare your meal the day or evening before Chinese Year Year (February 19th.)
Put away all knives. Using knives during the first days of the New Year "cuts off" all the good luck for the coming year.
If using noodles, do not cut or break them. Long noodles mean long life.
Serving soup means "Everything better than last year."
Other foods and their meaning:
Shrimp - abundance
Whole fish - togetherness
Chicken - wealth
Long green vegetables - "Green year" and good harvest
Abalone - good fortune
Mushrooms - longevity
Sweet rice cakes - more wealth every year
Steamed buns and dumplings - good luck

Where it came from:
Gold Charger - "Charge It" by Jay from Tuesday Morning
Red Plates - from Pier 1 last year
Gold Bowl - also from Pier 1 two years ago
Black Water Goblet - "Jet Black" by Reizart from Replacements
Black Martini Glass - "Midnight Black" by Artland Crystal from Replacements
Black Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Black Chop Sticks - from a local Oriental market
Red Money Envelopes - a gift to Pat
Votive Holders - from Tuesday Morning

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day With a Twist

Like a lot of tablescape bloggers, we are posting a Valentine's Day table this week. Of course, Pat had to do it with a twist - she used black as the accent color and very few valentines.....
Over view of the table

The place setting

Flatware is "April" by Wm Rogers & Son

Pat mixed the old with the new - "Pebble Leaf" frosted plates by Indiana Glass Company (over 50 years old) and red Baroque style chargers from Pier 1

I hate to photograph always looks dusty, but I promise - it is squeaky clean. It's Black "Mt Pleasant" depression glass (1925 through 1934) from L.E. Smith Glass Company

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Black Placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Flatware - "April" by Wm Rogers & Son from Pat's collection
Red Baroque Chargers and Napkin Rings - Pier 1
White Frosted Dinner Plates - "Pebble Leaf" by Indiana Glass Company from Humboldt Sponsors' Annual Rummage Sale and Fund Raiser
White Frosted Salad Plates - "Pebble Leaf" by Indiana Glass Company from eBay
Black Sherbets and Liners - Black "Mt. Pleasant" by L.E. Smith Glass Company from Replacements and eBay
Glassware - Pattern unknown found at the Humboldt Sponsors' Rummage Sale
Champagne Glasses - "Selection" by Cris d'Arques from Ross
Black Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Red Beaded Heart Placemats - from Target years ago
Black Candle Holders - Depressionware from eBay
Black Vases and Centerpiece Bowl - from our collection
Assorted Balls - from Pier 1 after Christmas

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