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Schumann Wild Rose
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Friday, June 29, 2012

I finally have gone over to "the dark side...." thanks to Candy at the Little Round Table blog. She has an incredible blog featuring mainly Fiestaware and gorgeous vintage tablecloths. Warning:  No one can stay away from Fiestaware for long if you view her tablescapes. It's like having a communicable disease - no one is safe - so, beware. You will probably catch it. I have always said that I do not like Fiestaware - nothing about it excited me. I did not like the rims, the colors, the style in general - nothing. Then I found that blog. Disaster. I told Pat's daughter about the blog. She "caught" the disease immediately and started buying Fiesta after viewing it. She has set some fantastic place settings/tablescapes using the pieces. Being a very kind and generous person, she brought over several extra pieces in various colors and sizes for Pat and me to use when she was here to visit this month. Double disaster. [She's a doctor - she should know about communicable diseases and how easily they can spread.]

Well, here is the first of probably many tables using Fiesta. These dandy little dishes are so versatile. You can mix and match. You can dress them up. And colors galore.  If you are inclined to collect like we are, you can find vintage pieces that are so unique without spending an arm and a leg. Another warning:  You can spend an arm and a leg if you go in for some of the very vintage colors and pieces. I just saw on eBay that someone had a $175 Buy it Now price on  a "four piece lilac Fiesta" place setting.

Overview of the table - a simple nautical setting.

Pat used a pasta bowl to hold the seashell collection.

The Sea Captain was purchased in Japan 40 years ago while our brother was stationed there.

Very simple, sleek flatware looks best.

Pat used a Dollar Store glass and small stein for the beer.

One of our favorite patterns - Otagiri Shell - used for the bread and butter plate.

The napkin ring was purchased at Michael's in the dollar bin.

Just to prove to myself that dishes I did not like can look so good.......

Oh, I forgot to mention. we have eight four-piece place settings of turquoise Fiesta on its way. And we have another order of turquoise salt/peppers shakers, bread and butter plates, service place, and water pitcher due this week. Triple disaster.......(not to mention the candle sticks that arrived yesterday from eBay.....Good grief.) This is all because I had to check out Candy's blog. You have all been forewarned. (And we never even mentioned how fabulous the vintage tablecloths are. You are in for a real treat. Expect to spend hours on this blog.)

Placemats and tablerunner - Ross
Fiesta dishware - borrowed (for now)
Flatware - Costco several years ago
Glasses - Dollar Store
White shell plate - Otagiri Shell purchased at a local second hand store
White lanterns - Target this year
Glass balls - Pier 1
White and blue votives, napkins - Tuesday Morning
Napkin rings, candles, votives - Michael's

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