Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Schumann Wild Rose and Jadeite Pre-Valentine's Luncheon Tablescape

Before the next huge "atmospheric river" deluge and series of closed roads hits this week, our niece and her talented tablescaping daughter drove up from Los Angeles (a mere 12 hours) to check on her parents and all of us other old relatives. Fortunately for us, Maya (our Great-Niece) took a few minutes and played with dishes. The table this week is her contribution to our blog. She used my "good" dishes and mixed/modernize them with the addition of the very popular Jadeite to come up with a "pre-Valentine's Day" luncheon tablescape. Pat helped with the centerpiece and other table decorations.
Table consists of pink "American Sweetheart" Depression glass, pink "Rosaline" goblets by Cristal d'Arques/Durand, Jadeite Lotus glass plates and bowls, and Schumann's "Wild Rose" dinnerware.

Flatware is "Antique Baroque Gold" by Wallace

The "Wild Rose" dinner plate has hand-painted gold accents.
Pat bought these"American Sweetheart" salver plates to use as chargers years ago

Glassware is "Rosaline" by Cristal d'Arques/Durand

For the centerpiece, Pat used assorted pieces of "Wild Rose"
Where it came from:
White Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning years ago
Glass Charger (Salver Plate) and Bread and Butter Plate - Pink "American Sweetheart" Depression Glass by MacBeth-Evans Glass Company from eBay, Replacements,Ltd., local antique stores, etc.
Dinnerware and Assorted Pieces - "Wild Rose" by Schumann from a local wedding/gift store 40-50 years ago
Glass Salad Plate and Small Accent Bowl - Jadeite Green from our collection
Flatware - "Antique Baroque Gold" by Wallace Silversmiths from Horchow years ago
Glassware - "Rosaline" by Cristal d"Arques/Durand from eBay and Replacements,Ltd.

We will be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

                             In today's local e-paper, just another "fun" day in the Redwoods.......

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Blue Danube January Tablescape

For the last "Blue January" blog tablescape, Pat used Japanese made "Blue Danube" dinnerware. Discontinued in 2010, the pattern is getting more difficult to find and much more expensive if your are looking to collect it. 

Pat started with a silver charger and then layered a blue glass "Rondo Sapphire" charger by Bormioli Rocco next. 

Flatware is stainless steel "Pinch" by Mikasa

Totally out of her comfort zone, Pat chose these glitzy silver beaded napkin rings from Pier 1
Just one of the unique pieces in this pattern, the gravy boat sits on a small liner

This is a mayonnaise bowl and small pitcher
Where it came from:
Cobalt Blue Hemstitch Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning years ago
Lace Place Mats - from Lentz Department Store (a really neat local store now sadly gone)
Silver Charger - from Costco at least ten years ago
Blue Charger and Matching Salad Plate - "Rondo Sapphire" by Bormioli Rocco from Ross and our local Co-op years ago
Dinnerware and Assorted Pieces - "Blue Danube" from another local Department store years ago and now occasionally from Replacements,Ltd.
Flatware - "Pinch" by Mikasa from Costco last year
Blue Goblets - from Pier 1 seven or eight years ago
Napkin Rings - from Pier 1 many years ago

We will be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Lenox Softwind Blue Tablescape

For this week's "Blue January Tablescapes," Pat chose my old everyday pattern (when I say old I mean it is the set I chose when I got married in the 1970's) and "updated" it a bit with a rustic charger and more color. She even used the glassware I had selected - she stopped at the napkins and flatware (yes, I still have them, too) saying they were too "old fashion." Lenox "Softwind" temperware was advertised as the "first informal dinnerware that matches beauty and strength." You could freeze it, bake in it, then serve in it, and run it in the dishwasher, too. The stuff was like iron. Through years of "vigorous" family use, earthquakes, major moves - you name it, I only lost one coffee mug.
Lenox made 42 different patterns of temperware. 

The first charger is a "Perwinkle Blue" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate
The second charger is a rustic wooden charger from Pier1
Glassware is "Clarion Brown" by Lenox. 

Flatware is copper "Rustic Twig" from Black Forest Decor
Pat used an assortment of Winter twigs  in a large brown vase for the centerpiece

Where it came from:
Blue Place Mats - from Gottschalk's Department Store (long out of business) years ago
Rustic Wooden Chargers - from Pier 1 five or six years ago
Blue Charger - "Perwinkle" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate by Homer Laughlin from Replacements,Ltd.
Dinnerware - "Softwind" by Lenox from Walsh's (another really neat local store long out of business)
Flatware - "Rustic Twig" from Black Forest Decor (a mail order company) several years ago
Glassware - "Clarion Brown" by Lenox also from Walsh's years ago
Brown Napkin - Handmade by Pat
Wooden Candle Holders - from Michael's three or four years ago

We will be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Blue January Tablescape #2

For the second week of "Blue January Tablescape," Pat set this week's table using Spode Blue Italian dinnerware and accented it with blue Bormioli "Sapphire" glass chargers. To make the place setting less formal, she used stainless steel flatware and World Market's mango wood chargers. 

By mixing the brown tones with the blue on the table, the blue didn't overwhelm the table

Flatware is "Musee" by Reed & Barton
We found these unusual napkin rings at Pier 1 years ago

The blue glasses are "Casual Settings" by Luminarc from Ross at least fifteen years ago
Pat used an extra large footed blue glass bowl (also by Bormioli) for the centerpiece
Where it came from:
Blue Hemstitch Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning years ago
Mango Wood Chargers - from World Market eight years ago (but still available)
Blue Glass Charger and Centerpiece Blue Bowl - "Rondo Sapphire" by Bormioli from Ross and our local Co-op many years ago
Dinnerware - "Blue Italian" by Spode from TJMaxx, Wayfair, Replacements, Tuesday Morning - anytime or anywhere we can find it
Flatware - "Musee" by Reed & Barton from Horchow six years ago
Blue Goblet - "Casual Settings" by Luminarc (Cristal D'Arques-Durand) from Ross many years ago
Tan Textured Napkin - by Food Network from Kohl's years ago
Leaf Napkin Rings - from Pier 1 ten years ago
Blue Glass Candle Holders - from Pat's collection

We will be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday: