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Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Better late than never" they say....Here's the Father's Day/Birthday breakfast post that Pat prepared for her husband (she was on time - I was late for the posting.) Her daughter, Jennifer, and son-in-law, Alan, were over for the weekend to help celebrate. We were all invited to a huge Barbeque on Saturday (family, friends, and neighbors), but Sunday was reserved for just the four of them.

Pat wanted an old fashion 50's feel to the meal. She started with some fantastic plates from Tuesday Morning featuring Kellogg's cereals that she found on sale and built from there. She added color coordinated Hazel Atlas Moderntone custard cups for fruit. Everything was there including the morning paper. Nothing fancy - cereal, eggs, bacon, toast - typical 1950's menu. As she said, the only thing missing was an apron and pearl necklace (Allright, June Cleaver, we got it.....)

Simple, old fashion flatware is perfect for this setting.

No fancy cloth napkin for this place setting - just paper.

1940's-1950's Hazel-Atlas Glass Company Moderntone custard cups match perfect.

Each plate is a different design.

The white coupe plate is part of Pat's Centura by Corning dishes she received for wedding presents over 40 years ago.

The yellow charger is depressionware called Bordette from MacBeth Evans Glass Company.

Another view of the table.

Glassware - Dollar Store
Flatware - Ross
White dishes/cups/butter dish - Centura by Corning (wedding presents over 40 years ago)
Yellow Chargers - Art and Old Things, Fortuna, CA
Moderntone Custard Cups - eBay
Cereal plates - Tuesday Morning

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