Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
Dishes, dishes, dishes........

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most Tablescape bloggers are posting Memorial Day tablescapes this week, but, naturally, we have to do something different (especially since we are planning to post three to four Independence Day tablescapes in July.) This week, our table is a make-over of one of Pat's Christmas tables last year without the Santa/Christmas theme. I loved the silver/crystal look of that table and wanted to try it. Disaster is the only word to describe it. Luckily, Pat came to the rescue. She added a few things - deleted others. I think it works now.

Overview of the table - black, white, silver and crystal with just one red rose. The place setting was gorgeous.

Just another view.

A close up of the individual place setting shows the colors (or lack of colors) better.

Clear and sparkling Lady Diamond crystal by Cris d'Arques and black martini glasses go well.

The small cloche can also be used as individual butter holders.

Multi-faceted votives show up even better on a mirror tile.

King James by Oneida silverplate flatware is highly polished (thanks Pat) to reflect the light.

Close up of the crystal napkin ring.

The tall clear crackle votives sit on mirrors. Pat has three sets - five in a set of different heights.

The rim of the plate is beautiful.

Betty was dressed in faux silver and crystal earrings with a white Boa.

Oh - a "heads-up" for the next few weeks.....Pat just got back from visiting her daughter in Redding and did she hit the bargains!!!! No telling what the tables will look like in June. A word of warning: the daughter has the same dish disease as the mother.

Tablecloth - Gottschalks (local Department store now out of business)
Black charger - Mikasa Color Spectrum from Replacements
Dinnerware - Noritake Reina (purchased by our Brother in the late 60's for Mom)
Flatware - King James by Oneida
Clear Crystal Goblets - Lady Diamond by Cris d'Arques from Ross
Black Martini Glasses - Jet Black by Artland from Replacements 
Small square Glass cloches - Home Essentials from Ross
Napkins and Overlays - made by Pat from fabric from JoAnn's
Crystal Napkin rings - Tuesday Morning
Tall Cracked Crystal Centerpiece votives - Ross
Candles and small crystal votive holders - Michael's
Mirrors - Michael's
Betty's crystal and faux silver earrings and Boa - Michael's

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yes - yellow is my favorite color so naturally, I love these dishes. I started acquiring this pattern just a few years ago thanks to a wonderful person that I worked with who gave me a plate filled with goodies. She told me to keep the plate after I told her how much I liked the pattern. (She said that it  belonged to her late mother who had chosen Franciscan "Picnic" as her dish pattern. That made it a very special gift, indeed.) Since it is Mother's Day month, I thought it would be nice to set a table to honor her mother also.

Franciscan "Picnic" was introdued in 1973 but has that 50's-60's feel. Most of the pieces are oversized to match the bold pattern. It's definitely not fragile.
Bright and cheery - overview of the table. Pat started with yellow placemats.

Close-up of the place setting. Flatware is Noritake Radiant. Pat made yellow and off white napkins to match.

The soft golden yellow of the handles are perfect with the color of the dishes.
A simple centerpiece of fresh lemons and green Granny Smith apples in a large bowl

The unique glass matches the dishes. It has been described as a glass designed for  "George Jetson."
Turned upside down, the glass makes a great candle holder. (You can see a glimpse of the coffee pot in the background.)
Frosted white votive holders look great with yellow votives. Pat found them at Tuesday Morning.
These mushroom-like salt and pepper shakers are really different.
The cup and saucer are the only small pieces of this pattern on the table.
Of course, Betty had to dress appropriately.

This is a view of the same table without the bright yellow placemats - not a cheery.

Tablecloth - Gottschalk's (local department store now out of business)
Yellow placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Dishware - Gifts from Vonnie and from Pat (some fill-in pieces from Replacements and from eBay)
Flatware - Radiant by Noritake (eBay and
Napkins - handmade by Pat
Glassware - "Samba" by Libby from Ross
Candles - Michael's
Yellow votives - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Frosted votive holders - Tuesday Morning
Napkin rings - handmade from PVC pipe and flowers from Michael's

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pat had family and friends over for Mother's Day Brunch (a annual gathering) on Sunday. This year's table theme was "modern" - quite a change from past tables. She wanted everything simple yet elegant with no glitz. I think she "nailed it" as usual. The tables were stunning. Of course, we dined on wonderful food - a huge selection of homemade baked goods (scones, cinnamon rolls, breads, etc.), fresh fruit compote in individual iced serving bowls, French Toast, sausage, and the list goes on. On the side board, she had Champagne, assorted fruit juices, and coffee. It was a grand feast to say the least.

Very simple, very elegant single flower vases served as centerpieces.

Monogrammed silver is a family heirloom belonging to Pat's husband.

Fruit compote was served in an iced liner to keep it cold.

Sleek, modern glassware goes well with the trumpet champagne glass.

The salad plate and dinner plate are white alabaster from Pier I.

The charger is a beautiful seafoam blue also from Pier I this year.

Tablecloths:  Gottschalk's (local department store out of business)
Napkins:  Tuesday Morning
Flatware:  Family heirloom
White Alabaster Dinner and Salad Plates:  Pier I this year
Charger:  Pier I this year
White Pearl Napkin ring:  Pier I last year
Bread and Butter plates, cups and saucers:  Centura by Corning (one of Pat's sets)
Water and Juice glasses, individual vases:  Pier I this year
Champagne glass:  Ross
Fruit Compote/liners:  Purchased more than 25 years ago

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day is Sunday. Time to think of Mom, and time to change the tablescape for her day. Our Mother loved dishware, so we came by it naturally. (She also collected porcelain figurines, bells, plates, tea cups, anything Norman Rockwell, and the list goes on.) Her walls were covered in decorative plates. She had dozens - in the livingroom, down the hall, around the kitchen, in her bedroom, everywhere. All kinds and sizes. But my favorite thing she collected was her Armani figurines. She started collecting them late in life so she only had a few dozen, but they are beautiful. only seems natural to a set Mother's Day table decorated with one or two of her lovely "girls."

Betty in her lovely pink Boa to match.

That wooden "stick" is a clever little gadget that Pat's husband made for each of us. It is used to arrange the place setting and flatware so it is equally centered and exactly one inch from the edge of the table. (Hyacinth Bucket would be soooooooo jealous.)

Here's a closeup. The bottom of the napkin is placed on the center notch. Perfectly placed dishes and flatware everytime.

Mom bought the flower vase years ago.

Mom would have loved these napkin rings.

Hope your Mother's Day is happy and one filled with friends, family and good memories.

Lace placemats:  Lentz Department Store (Ferndale, CA)
Charger:  Mikasa Color Spectrum (eBay)
Dinnerware:  Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz from
Flatware: April by Wm Rogers & Son
Napkin Rings - Tuesday Morning
Green Glassware - Dollar Store
Trumpet Champagne Glass - Cristal D'Arques "Selection" from Ross
Rose colored napkins - Gottschalk's (a local department store no longer in business)
Sheer napkin overlay - Granzella's Gourmet and Gifts in Williams, CA
Crystal Candlesticks -  by Oleg Cassini from Tuesday Morning