Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blue Danube 4th of July Tablescape

We have been doing a bit too much whimsy when it comes to tablescaping lately - so Pat decided to have a dressy 4th of July. She pulled out one of our more "serviceable" patterns to use as the inspiration and went from there.

Dish nerd stuff: I always think of Blue Danube as the knock off Japanese version of Blue Onion - the classic Meissen pattern that has been in production since 1739. At one time, Blue Danube was fairly inexpensive, but has increased in price over the last 10 years (still cheaper than Meissen - and many people can't tell the difference.) There is no manufacturer showing on the back of the plate - so it is impossible to say who makes it.
Over view of the table

The place setting

Pat tried silver flatware first but it didn't look quite right - she went back to one of her favorite stainless steel patterns: "Image" by Spode

These huge chargers are extremely heavy - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach

By now you probably know we have this placemat in several different colors.

OK - it's confession time: the blue trumpet glass has a history. I fell in love with them when I saw Interior Designer Joe Nye use them in his book, Flair. I had to have them. It took me about two years on eBay but I managed to locate ten of them. Never say never to the GLASS!!!!

Pat made a simple, solid white arrangement in the Soup Tureen to tone down the color a bit

One last look from the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Cobalt Blue Placemats - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Red Charger - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach from
Dishware - "Blue Danube" from Gottschalks (a local Department store long out of business) and Replacements. com after several earthquakes
Flatware - "Image" by Spode from Tuesday Morning
Crystal Salt and Pepper Shakers - "Alexandria" by Crystal Clear from Tuesday Morning
Red Napkin - Tuesday Morning
Red Glassware - Pier 1 several years ago
Blue Trumpet Glass - Probably World Market but purchased on eBay
Red and Blue Votive Holders - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
14" Tapers - from the Ferndale Emporium (a local boutique)
Tea Lights and Silk Flowers - Michael's

We will be joining Christine's "Table It" as Rustic & Refined this Monday:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday"  at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

And a big "Thank You" to Joe Nye (wherever you are....) for the hours of inspiration and the fun that I get reading your book, Flair. My copy is now pretty tattered, marked up, and worn out but what a great time I have had reading it.

Definitely not tablescaping stuff:
The reason I even bought the book a few years ago wasn't because of the great entertaining and dish ideas but because of this picture:

It's the author on the floor at Crate and Barrel arranging a place setting. I can't tell you the number of times that my sister has embarrassed me by doing the same thing in any and every store we have gone to together. If not on the floor (because of too much foot traffic) she clears off a shelf to arrange dishes.....the folks at Pier 1 just lets us go in and start pulling out dishes and designing on the nearest table. (They are very patient and kind people.) So - every time I see this picture, I think of Pat.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cowboy Reflections Tablescape

The month of June is the beginning of "Rodeo Frenzy" in our area - it seems that every week, another town or city is celebrating "Fair Week" or "Rodeo Week." So, we thought it would be fun to celebrate along with them by doing a tablescape that reflects the wild west in all of us.

We were fortunate enough to start our tablescape design with real horseshoes that Pat borrowed from a local Farrier. They acted as the inspiration to the entire table. Yes, and once again, History repeats itself, I have hay all over my table (and on the chairs, on the floor, on my Dachshunds, everywhere......)
Over view of the table

The place setting

Yes, we just used the flatware last week, but it was the perfect choice for this week's table - "Montana" by Gourmet Settings

Here's a close up of one of the inspiration horseshoes - Pat laid them all around the table

We decided not to use the salad plate but here's a close up of one of them - there are four different centers

The dinner plate

Montana Lifestyles........made in Thailand.......hmmmm....something is not quite right here.....???????

We just got these new chargers - there were only four in the store. We had to have eight of them for this table - Rayleen at Pier 1, once again, saved the day and got four more for us and in a hurry.

Yes, I know, you don't really need a water glass but most of the family does not drink "the hard stuff" - so water it is......

We found this beautiful, large figurine at "The Tailwaggers" - a local thrift shop dedicated to animal welfare. Every purchase/donation goes to The Sequoia Humane Society.

I tried to get a better picture for you of the "barbed wire" that Pat wrapped around the center. It is actually western-style garland that she bought years ago

The napkin ring rope? Last week's belt on Ralph's pants......

Pat used tin cans for rustic flower vases 

One last look at the table from the other end
Where it came from:
Denim Tablecloth - Handmade by Pat
Flatware - "Montana" by Gourmet Settings from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Napkins - Hankies from Walmart
Napkin "Ring" - from Ralph's belt last week
Rope Charger - from Pier 1
Dinner Plate - "Cowboy Reflections" by Montana Lifestyles from Replacements and eBay
Glassware - Dollar Store
Red Candles, Hay Bales, and Silk Flowers - Michael's
Candle Holders - TJMaxx
Horse Figurine - from Tailwaggers (a local thrift shop that supports animals)
"Barbed Wire" - Christmas garland from Carl Johnson's (a local Western store and auction)

We wanted to thank Erica Canevari for lending us our inspiration this week. The table is one that we have both wanted to do for a very long time.

We will be joining Christine on Monday for "Table It!" at Rustic & Refined:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summertime Whimsy Challenge

Cuisine Kathleen at "Let's Dish" ( has issued another fun challenge for tablescapers this Wednesday: design a table with a Summer whimsy theme - no formal tableware, just fun and creativity. Well, Pat jumped at the chance.

Since summer time in Humboldt County means camping and fishing and swimming in the local rivers and lakes (our area of the state is known by the locals as "Six Rivers"), Pat designed our table with fishing in mind......

Meet "Ralph" Sawyer (our version of the literary hero, Tom Sawyer) - you've seen him before, but today Pat dressed him in jeans and hankie (Mark Twain would be proud.....) complete with fishing pole and straw hat.

FYI:  You know my sister is obsessed  - she calls it attention to detail. She cut up a pair of my jeans and hand stitched them so that they would fit around Ralph's rather sizable feet. I bet that you've never seen a 3ft. tall frog in blue jeans before....anything for a tablescape..........

Over view of the table

The place setting

Rustic flatware is "Montana" by Gourmet Settings

Pat used inexpensive avocado glassware

These great accent plates are from

Sorry, this plate is actually sunny yellow ("Sunflower" Fiesta by Homer Laughlin)

These plates were another great buy - marked downs found at our local grocery store

Pat created arrangements of assorted reeds, willows, etc. in antique amber vases for the centerpiece

Here's Ralph - holding his fishing pole

Just about to hook a fish.......

Pat used olive green water glasses to hold beige tapers - we will eventually put glass rocks inside to hide the clear glass candle holder

Another clever idea - Pat took these rustic napkin rings and turned them into tea light holders

One last look from the other end of the table
Thanks so much, Kathleen, for another fun challenge!

Where it all came from:
Placemats - Pier 1
Flatware - "Montana" by Gourmet Settings from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Avocado Dinner Plate  - Inexpensive Dishes from our local Grocery Store
Yellow Luncheon Plate - Sunflower Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Macy's
Accent Plate - "Northwoods" Nibble Bowl from David Carter Brown of Sakura from
Glassware - "Starfire Ivy" by Anchor Hocking from Ross
Faux Wood Napkin Rings - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Candles and Tea Lights - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Amber Vases - from Art & Old Things (our favorite local antique store)
Ivory Napkins - Tuesday Morning
Olive Green Candle Holders - "Diamond Point" Water Glasses by Indiana Glass Company from Cuddly Bear (a local boutique shop)

We will be joining Christine's "Table It" at Rustic & Refined this Monday:

We will also be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" Summertime Whimsy Challenge Wednesday:

And finally, we will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:

And a special "Thank you" to Pat's husband for the use of the fishing pole, the hook, the fishing line, and the help in getting Ralph's pants to stay up.  Jim - you are a real tablescape trooper.......(and a very patient husband.)