Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spring Is On the Way Tablescape

We can't be the only tablescapers who are looking forward to a change in seasons. Perhaps it was just an excuse to use our Lenox "Spring Bouquet" dishes, but Pat decided that it's time for a Spring table.
Quite a contrast from last week's pink "piggy" table, Pat used pale blue as the accent color

Flatware is "April" silverplate by Wm Rogers & Son

The soft blue glass chargers were from Pier 1 last year

From the other end of the table

Here's where it came from:
Ecru Placemats - from Lentz Department Store in Ferndale, CA
Blue Glass Chargers - from Pier 1 last year
Flatware - "April" silverplate by Wm Rogers & Son from Pat's collection
Dinnerware - "Spring Bouquet" by Lenox from eBay and Replacements
Blue Water Goblet - "Navarre" by Fostoria
Champagne Glass - "Bubbles Galore" by Maxwell & Williams from Tuesday Morning
Silver Butterfly Napkin Rings - from Tuesday Morning two years ago
Blue Depression Glass Candle Holders and Sugar/Creamer - from our collection
Cream Colored Candles - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Silk Flowers - from Michael's

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celebrating National Pig Day Tablescape

Spending my entire life in one of the last bastion of "hippie-dom" [Humboldt County, CA, where everyday is the Summer of Love, every street looks just like Haight and Asbury during the '60's, nearly everyone wears "flowers in their hair," trendy fashions statements always start with something tie-dyed, children are still named "Moonbeam" or "Sequoia," and your neighbor thinks nothing of growing "something illegal" in his window or yard,] I have acquired many - some people might call them - odd of them is that I am a Vegetarian/Wannabe Vegan. ) And as such, I appreciate all animals. Since March 1, 2016 is National Pig Day (Here), I talked Pat into setting the table in recognition of this wonderful, intelligent animal. She rolled her eyes and feebly agreed. Luckily for me, her daughter was visiting for the weekend and came up with a great table for us to use.
The table - I was "in hog heaven" (sorry, but I couldn't help the pun) when Pat finished with the table this week

Pat "hammed it up" a bit with the centerpiece (I can't help myself.....pigs and puns....they go together.)

I "squealed" with glee when Pat's daughter came up with this place setting

OK - no more puns.....flatware is "Pure" by Gourmet Settings. Jennifer selected it because she said it was "fat"....I won't say anything but I feel a pun coming on.......

The dinner plates are "Perwinkle" Fiesta by Homer Laughlin. The bread and butter plates match.

The charger is actually a soft pink called Rose "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa

The glassware was also chosen because is was....dare it say it .....fat looking, too

Naturally, the napkin ring had to be a pig

This is Viola, my prize winning pig that I made in Ceramics class over forty years ago. She took the Blue Ribbon that year (much to my surprise....)

Who can resist this pig planter cutie? Pat made matching flower arrangements at both ends of the table. 

From the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Chargers - "Rose" Color Spectrum by Mikasa from eBay and Replacements
Dinner Plates and Bread/Butter Plates - "Periwinkle" Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from eBay and Replacements
Pig Accent Plates - "Ol'McDonald" by American Atelier from eBay
Flatware - "Pure" by Gourmet Settings from Amazon
Glassware - from Pier 1 two or three years ago
Pink Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Pig Napkin Rings - from "TailWaggers" (a local thrift store that supports the Sequoia Animal Shelter)
Pig Plants - by Continental Creations from eBay
Silk Flowers and Ivy - from Michael's
Frosted Flower Votive Holders - from Tuesday Morning
Pink Votives - from Ross

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Not exactly tablescaping stuff:
Here's some famous pigs you might know:
The lovely, charming and delightful Miss Piggy, Babe (from the movie,) The Three Pigs, Porky and his girlfriend, Petunia Pig, Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh,) Pumbaa (from the Lion King - remember? "They call me Mister Pig!") Hamm (not exactly a pig but a piggy bank from "Toy Story"), and one of my personal favorites, the handsome television star, Arnold Ziffle (from Green Acres.)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sherlock Tablescape

Needless to say, my sister Pat is a "Sherlock Holmes" fanatic. She has read every book that even mentions his name dozens of times. She has watched every television show (both British and American) that has Sherlock in it. And her film collection is second to none - mysteries, suspense, spy, comedies, animation, and the list goes on (even some in foreign languages.)  So, it was no surprise when her daughter was here and selected an English plaid napkin as the inspiration for this week's tablescape that Pat set the table with Sherlock in mind.
The table was set using unadorned dinnerware and flatware to bring out the napkin

Of course, any Holmes enthusiast knows about the violin.......

The place setting - charcoal gray charger with Lenox "Mansfield" dinnerware

Flatware is stainless steel "Image" by Spode

The charger is "Faience Grey" by Christofle

I can hear Basil Rathbone now...(or Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey, Jr. if you're younger)

Where it came from:
Charger - "Faience Grey" by Christofle from eBay
Dinnerware - "Mansfield" by Lenox from Pat's daughter, eBay, and Replacements
Flatware - "Image" by Spode from Tuesday Morning
Glasses - from the Dollar Store
Wooden Candle Holders and candles - from Michael's
Napkins - from our collection

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Not exactly tablescaping stuff -
Just a few of the other actors that have played Sherlock over the years:
Mack Sennett, John Barrymore, Raymond Massey, Alan Napier (Batman's butler), George C. Scott, Roger Moore, Leonard Nimoy, Larry Hagman, Peter Cook, Charlton Heston, Michael Caine, John Cleese, Peter O'Toole, Peter Lawford, and Ian McKellan.