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Schumann Wild Rose
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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Kitsch And Fiestaware Tablescape

Every year, on the anniversary of his passing, Pat likes to recognize the truly iconic American kitschy-artist and inventor, Don Featherstone [1936-2015], winner of the IG Nobel Prize and the hearts of millions of people. "Who is he" you ask? Why, he is the inventor/creator of the plastic pink flamingo. And what is the IG Nobel Prize? It's a humorous and slightly satirical award [the IG stands of "ignoble"] to "honor the achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." You can find a list of IG winners at this site: Here

Pat has set a few tables over the years using our plastic pink flamingos and plastic flamingo plates - so this is just another week of "plastics" to celebrate our favorite pop culture hero.
Nothing dull here - a bright and cheery table to celebrate a truly iconic person

Pat made the place mats from inexpensive napkins that we found at
Flatware is "Flamingo" by Towle Living
Pat found the plastic Flamingo plates at a local rummage sale years ago
The luncheon plate is "Rose" Fiesta(ware)
The dinner plate and matching bread and butter plate are "Lemongrass" Fiesta(ware)
The first charger is a "Lapis" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate
The second charger is from our local late, great Pier 1 four or five years ago

Recognize these? From the Dollar Tree
Pat always has unusual votive candles - these cute flamingo votives sit on colorful napkin rings

From the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Place Mats - from (an inexpensive site for great table and wedding supplies)
"Rope" Metal Charger - from Pier 1 two years ago
Charger - "Lapis" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate by Homer Laughlin from
Dinner and Bread/Butter Plate - "Lemongrass" Fiesta(ware) by Homer Laughlin from Macy's and
Luncheon Plate and Candle Holders - "Rose" Fiesta(ware) by Homer Laughlin from eBay
Pink Flamingo Accent Plate - by Sakura from Pat's "find" at a rummage sale years ago
Flatware - "Flamingo" by Towle Living from Tuesday Morning two or three years ago
Lemongrass Napkin Ring - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond four or five years ago
Pink Napkin - from last year
Lemongrass Napkin - Handmade by Pat to match the Fiesta(ware)
Plastic Centerpiece Flamingos - Original Featherstone Flamingos from Ross six or seven years ago
Flamingo Votive Candles - from Pat's collection

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Summer Spode Tower Table

Time for a more formal table - Pat chose Spode Pink Tower to use this week. The original pink pattern was first produced in 1920 and is still active. (Blue Tower was introduced in 1814 and has been produced in a variety of colors over the years and is still going strong.)
No charger this week (which is unusual for Pat)

Flatware is "Grand Colonial" sterling silver - I've told you before that we were gifted this gorgeous flatware by our amazing "also dish-addicted" Cousin. 
In addition to giving us the flatware, our Cousin "started" us on Spode Pink Tower. I always wanted it but was too cheap to invest in the dinnerware - so our Cousin once again gave us our first pieces.

Glassware is "Fedora" by Spiegelau

The soup tureen is my favorite piece

Where it came from:
Ecru Lace Place Mats - from a local store now out of business (which broke my heart because they had an amazing selection of laces)
Dinnerware - Originally started as a gift from our Cousin but pattern completed at and eBay
Flatware - "Grand Colonial" sterling silver by Wallace from our Cousin
Glassware - "Fedora" by Spiegelau from
Napkin - Handmade by Pat to match the dinnerware
Silver Candle Holders - from Art and Old Things (a local antique store)

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: