Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Epiag Relapse Dinnerware Tablescape

I don't know where to begin with this week's table......Pat and I were out "thrifting" last weekend and, naturally, we went into the Discovery Shop (the Cancer Society's thrift shop). There, Pat hit gold when it comes to dinnerware. [The store had just completed its annual "Vintage Sale" the week before, so we thought it was safe to go in and browse....big mistake....] As it turned out, we were told that the dinnerware did not sell well. You can see where this is going.....yeah, it sold. Three sets. Not at the "Vintage Sale" but that day. So much for my dishware abstinence that I have been trying to practice. Pat, the enabler....

Here's the table set with Pat's favorite and the best bargain for all you got - still a bit pricey but worth every dime if it makes your heart skip a beat (especially when I priced it out on Replacements and eBay.) For $200, Pat got twelve complete place settings, several assorted sized platters, covered vegetable bowls, oval and round vegetable bowls, fruit bowls, gravy boat with liner and a creamer and sugar.
The plates are so thin that they are  nearly translucent 

Pat set the table using just some of the pieces

The pattern has a cream rim and florals on a brown background - sounds weird but it is gorgeous.

Pat chose this glassware pattern ("Fedora" by Spiegelau) because of the manufacturer's origins - near Bohemia - same as the dinnerware. In 2004, Reidel Glass Works bought out Spiegelau. 

Hand painted gold detail in pristine condition

No centerpiece - just a large platter to hold dinner

Pat placed two small arrangements of assorted pink and mauve roses on the table for color

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Ecru Lace Plate Mates - from Lentz Department Store (a local store now out of business)
Dinnerware - "Moloya" by Epiag from the local Discovery Shop a week ago
Glassware - "Fedora" by Spiegelau from
Silverplate Flatware - "King James" by Oneida from our Mother
Ivory colored Napkin - from Tuesday Morning two years ago
Off white candles - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Silk Roses - from Michael's last season

Dish Geek Stuff: Czechoslovakia china maker “EPIAG” is not actually a manufacturer, but the name of an association of various Altrohlau porcelain companies. Each company had their own variation of a backstamp so you can figure out who the maker actually was. This pattern was produced in Elbogen, Bohemia (later called Loket, Czechosloviakia) from 1941 through 1945. [Information taken from Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks:  Pottery & Porcelain by Ralph and Terry Kovel.]

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fun Butterflies and Fiestaware Table

Lucky for us, Pat's daughter set this week's table while she was here visiting. We challenged her with a very "different" place mat (one we haven't been able to use,) and she came up with a very wild and colorful table in no time at all....Her favorite dishware is obviously Fiesta(ware).
Bold and colorful - Jennifer managed to use every color from the place mat

The silver butterfly napkin ring goes well with the "hammered" flatware

This is a "Tangerine" salad plate

The next layer is a "Flamingo" Luncheon plate

The dinner plate is "Peacock" Fiesta. The bread/butter plate is "Scarlet" Fiesta(ware).

The last layer is a charger from the Maryland China Company - Jennifer's favorite

From the other end of the table

OK.....I thought that the napkin rings were too "boring" so after everyone left, I changed them. A bold table needs a bold napkin ring.

Where it came from:
Place Mats - Handmade by Pat
White Chargers - from the Maryland China Company (mail order)
Dinnerware - Assorted "Fiesta(ware)" by Homer Laughlin from Macy's, Kohl's, and Replacements
Flatware - "Hammered"  by Godinger Stainless from Costco several years ago
Blue Water Goblet - "Moonlight" by Circleware from Marshall's years ago
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Silver Butterfly Napkin Rings - from Tuesday Morning two or three years ago
Beaded Butterfly Napkin Rings - from Pier 1 several years ago
Wooden Cart - from Ross three years ago
Glass Candle Holders - from TJMaxx two years ago
Assorted Butterflies - from the Dollar Tree this year
Lime Green Candles - from Ross

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spode Buttercup Classic Table

For this week's table, Pat chose Spode's "Buttercup." Both Pat and I like this pattern. She owns twenty complete place settings and I own eight. (Pat's late mother-in-law introduced her to the pattern nearly fifty years ago and Pat has been acquiring it since then. Then Pat gave me a couple of place settings - of course, that was a BIG mistake since I'm a dishaholic and couldn't stop with just two.....)
Pat generally uses blue as the accent color for "Buttercup" when she sets the table, but she has been known to "take it to the next level".(Here)  As she says, it is very versatile and can be dressy or casual.

Since the table was set for a Ladies Luncheon, Pat used the coffee and tea pot for a simple centerpiece.

For the charger, Pat used Wedgwood's "Edme" chargers

Flatware is "Wind Song" silverplate by Oneida (which was relatively inexpensive and sold door to door when it was produced during the 1940's and 1950's)

Water goblets are "Navarre" by Fostoria

Buttercup was a very popular pattern - in fact, Harry Rinker list both the Old Backstamp and Newer Backstamp patterns in his book Dinnerware of the 20th Century: The Top 500 Patterns. 

Pat made small arrangements in cream soup bowls

I love the classic candle holders from Abingdon Pottery in matching blue

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Blue Place Mats and coordinating Napkins - from Gottschalk's (a local Department store long out of business)
Ecru Lace Place Mats - from Lentz Department store (another local store out of business.....)
Charger - "Edme" by Wedgwood from eBay and Replacements
Dinnerware - Older Backstamp (1924-1992) from wherever I can find it
Flatware - "Wind Song" Silverplate by Oneida
Blue Water Goblet - "Navarre" by Fostoria
Napkin Rings - from Art & Old Things (a local antique store)
Candle Holders - by Abingdon Pottery from eBay

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