Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sage and Amber Autumn Tablescape

There was a brief glimmer of hope that we might have much needed rain this week but it faded fast - just gray, overcast skies and not one ray of sunshine for days on end. Pat said we need something colorful in our lives - but it is Autumn after all. That means less than a brightly vivid color palate. In the end, sage and amber won the color war and this week's table was set with traditional Fall tones.
Dinnerware is "Basket Weave" by Oneida [2003-2012]

Flatware is simple "Addison" by Mikasa

We bought the amber drinkware from Pier 1 years ago. Pat liked the idea of using a "textured" looking glass with the basket weave dinner plate.
We literally tried dozens of different centerpiece combinations for this table - nothing worked. All of our Autumn garlands were weird oranges and rusts and the wrong color green. Our green squash was more blue than green. Flowers didn't seem to "fit" and looked awful. And the candle choices were a we finally settled on one of our premade arrangements (again).

One last look

Where it came from:
Sage Green Place Mats and Matching Napkins - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond several years ago
Dinnerware - "Basket Weave" by Oneida from a local boutique store ten years ago
Sage Green Salad Plate - Ironstone dinnerware from our local market (no pattern name)
Amber Glassware - From Pier 1 years ago (pattern unknown)
Flatware - "Addison" by Mikasa from Costco three years ago
Wooden Candle Holders - from Michael's several years ago

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Puppies and Pumpkins Autumn Tablescape

Pat mixed a bit of whimsy with traditional Autumn themes and came up with this week's table using Pier 1's "Park Avenue Puppies Harvest" plates. 
This week featured time-honored colors in oranges, browns, and red.

Flatware is "Iron Brown" by Noritake
Pier 1 produced many different "Park Avenue Puppies" plates - this one is "Harvest" [2018-2019]
The dinner plates and matching bread/butter plates are "Tangerine" Fiesta(ware) by Homer Laughlin
Once again, one of Pat's favorite tablescaping "techniques" is to use inexpensive plastic chargers (either from the Dollar Tree or thrift shops) and spray paint them with coordinating plastic adhesive spray paint

Glassware is "Samba" by Libby
Pat made the pumpkin napkins to tie in with the pumpkin centerpiece

One last look

Where it came from:
Burlap Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning five or six years ago
Brown Charger - Inexpensive plastic charger spray painted to match the napkins
Dinner and Matching Bread/Butter Plate - "Tangerine" Fiesta(ware) [2003-2018] by Homer Laughlin from Macy's and Replacements, Ltd.
Accent Plate - "Park Avenue Puppies Harvest" from Pier 1 three years ago
Glassware - "Samba" by Libby from Ross years ago
Flatware - "Iron Brown" by Noritake from a local store long out of business
Wire Pumpkin Napkin Ring - from Pier 1 six or seven years ago
Pumpkin Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Brown Napkins - from
Assorted Centerpiece Pumpkins and Garland - from TJMaxx, Pier 1, and Michael's
Orange Candles - from Ross two years ago
Wooden Candle Holders - from Michael's

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Autumn Olde English Countryside Tablescape

One of my favorite Johnson Brothers dish patterns is "Olde English Countryside [1974-1983]." I love the serene, tranquil English country village scenes that seem quiet and sedate (unlike where I live - much to my dismay..... I live on a very busy street where I can see the noisy and boisterous high school two blocks away and then on the supposedly quiet weekends, there are three very active churches just across the street where people come and go all the time. Oh, and I forgot to mention the mortuary on the next block over...grim but always busy.) Anyway, it's nice to see such charming dinnerware on a table.

Flatware is Italian brown "Roma" by Domas Designs

Pat likes to use two chargers when she can - here is an inexpensive plastic charger spray painted tan to coordinate with the plate and a "Claret" Fiesta(ware) Chop plate
Glassware is "Woodland" by Fostoria

Pat had an "event" to attend and left me to finish setting the table including the centerpiece...not a smart thing to do since I have absolutely no tablescaping talent. I grabbed the first thing I could think of that sorta matched the colors. The pre-made arrangement is from Costco years ago and the candles are leftover from last week's table. Told you - no talent, zip, nada, none....sorry, I "improvised."
One last look

Where it came from:
Reversible Faux Leather Place Mats - from Pier 1 several years ago
Tan Charger - Inexpensive plastic chargers spray painted with plastic adhesive paint to coordinate with the dinnerware
Second Charger - "Claret" Fiesta(ware) Chop Plate by Homer Laughlin
Dinnerware - "Olde English Countryside" by Johnson Brothers from eBay and Replacements,Ltd.
Glassware - "Woodland" by Fostoria from a local animal rescue thrift shop several years ago
Flatware - "Roma" by Domus Designs (Italian) from Horchow five or six years ago
Candle Holders - from Michael's three or four years ago
Premade Centerpiece - from Costco years ago

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The "New" Autumn Tablescape

Here in California, we are facing another year-long season of drought conditions. As the weather changes, so does the temperature. It is getting hotter and hotter. Our Fall and Winter seasons here in Northern California along the coast have always been mild but now they are almost nonexistent. So, when Pat found a set of "cactus" accent plates in my cupboard the other day, she thought they would be perfect for an Autumn tablescape...albeit a somewhat prophetic and ominous sign of the future....

The accent plate is "La Mesa" by Fitz & Floyd
Luncheon Plate is Chocolate "Fiesta(ware)" by Homer Laughlin
The dinner plate is Ivory "Fiesta(ware) and the charger is Royal Blue "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa
Flatware is "Montana" by Gourmet Settings
Goblets are Brown "Espresso" by Lenox

"Wyoming Pete" sits on a candle stand. He is part of the Richard Simmons' "Nana's Family" Dolls collection
From the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning five or six years ago
Charger - Royal Blue "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa from eBay and Replacements, Ltd
Dinner Plate - Ivory "Fiesta(ware)" by Homer Laughlin from Macy's
Luncheon Plate - Chocolate "Fiesta(ware)" [2008-2012] by Homer Laughlin from Kohl's many years
Accent Plate - "La Mesa" by Fitz & Floyd from eBay
Flatware - "Montana" by Gourmet Settings from Bed, Bath, and Beyond many years ago
Glassware - "Espresso" Brown by Lenox (a gift from Pat's daughter)
Napkins - from (still available)
Napkin Ring - from Pat's collection
Centerpiece Metal Ring Candleholder - from Kohl's five or six years ago
Wooden Candle Sticks - from Michael's several years ago
Cowboy Figurine - "Wyoming Pete" (a Nana's Family Doll by Annie Wahl for Richard Simmons) from our Mother's collection

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: