Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Oriental Table

Pat decided to challenge herself this week - she wanted to reuse some of the things from last week's table and see if she could come up with another Oriental table. We shamelessly started with "Entertaining Women" blogger Cherry Kay's Jadeite Lotus tablescape ( and went from there. Pat pulled out our collection of that gorgeous dishware and set about redoing the table. And am I glad she did!

So, we send our apologies to Cherry Kay for spending hours drooling over her tables and a heart-felt thank you for the inspiration to this week's table.
Over view of the table

The place setting

Flatware is "Windsong" Nobility by Oneida

Pat used black and pink glassware to carry through the color scheme

First layer of the place setting is the "Lotus" Jadeite bowl and salad plate/liner

The very coup/bowl like shaped dinner plate is "Ebony" by Johnson Brothers

Pat chose rose brocade napkins to match the pink/rose colored jade in the centerpiece

Pat added black ceramic chop sticks just in case anyone at dinner wanted to be "authentic"

Black tea lights in inexpensive votive holders

This is the pink and green jade centerpiece that Pat used for the theme colors

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Black Tablecloth - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Flatware - "Windsong" Nobility by Oneida from eBay
Black Glassware - "Jet Black" by Artland from Target (mail order) and Replacements
Pink Champagne Glass - "Pink Royal Pierpoint" by Noritake from eBay
Charger - "Sage Color Spectrum" by Mikasa from eBay
Black Dinner Plate - "Ebony" by Johnson Brothers from Replacements
Jadeite - "Lotus" from our collection
Votive Holders - from the Dollar Store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Black Taper Candles - Tuesday Morning
Black Tea Lights - Ross
Oriental Jade Centerpiece and Faux Ivory Figurines - Gifts from our Brother (purchased in Japan over 45 years ago while in the service)

We will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oriental Tablescape With a Twist

Pat never designs a bland table - she loves color and mixes it freely. Today's tablescape is no exception. Although black is a fairly common color used in Oriental design, Pat mixed it up with sage green and orange to create a definitely unique setting.
Over view of the table

The place setting - the Pumpkin orange colored napkin sits under the charger

Pat used the very popular "Bamboo" flatware by Cambridge

"Kabuki" by Mikasa salad plate

Sorry the picture is not very good - the charger is actually a soft sage green

Pat used a soft gray vase to hold white silk cherry blossoms. She placed them on a square mirror lined with votive holders and pumpkin orange tea lights that coordinate with the dishware

Our brother bought these Oriental figurines while stationed in Japan 45 years ago

From the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Black Tablecloth - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pumpkin Orange Napkins - Tuesday Morning
Sage Green Charger - "Color Spectrum" by Mikasa from eBay and Replacements
Dinnerware - "Kabuki" by Mikasa from the Cancer Discovery Shop and Replacements
Flatware - "Bamboo" by Cambridge from Ross
Glassware - from Pier 1
Octagon shaped mirrors - from Michael's
Votive Holders - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pumpkin Orange Tea Lights - Pier 1
Gray Vase - from Pat's collection
Silk Flowers - Michael's
Faux Ivory Figurines - purchased in Japan 45 years ago by our Brother

We will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ready for Spring Tablescape

Every Sunday, after church, Pat and I get together to set tables. After last Sunday's "rocket ride" day (three inches of rain in the morning - more like a drenching, flooding deluge....and a 6.9 earthquake in the evening - another "fun" adventure), Pat decided that we were ready for a more calming day. She wanted soft and sweet and "safe."
Over view of the table
See the blue painter's tape in the top right hand corner? That's a reminder to replace the buffet that fell off during the last 6.8 earthquake in 2010. About time. 

The place setting

Flatware is one of my favorites - "Primary" by Noritake

Pat added a single daffodil to the acrylic napkin ring to add a touch of color

First layer of the place setting is a Fiesta Periwinkle Blue Salad Plate

This is a Fiesta White Luncheon Plate - Pat added it to break up the colors a bit

Next is a Fiesta Sunflower Dinner Plate

Pat used an 11 3/4" Fiesta Periwinkle Round Platter/Chop Plate as a charger (1989-2006)

I had to get these bright yellow placemats when Bed, Bath, and Beyond got them in a few weeks ago

Simple, sweet Libby glassware

Yes, the theme for this week's table is "Calm" but this was the inspiration piece. Pat found the white pearlized vase at a local boutique. It's actually an inexpensive clear glass vase that Pat's husband spray-painted white......

White votive holders

One last look
Where it came from:
Tablecloth -
Yellow Placemat - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Flatware - "Primary" by Noritake from eBay and Replacements
All Fiesta - Macy's and
Glassware - by Libby from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
White Napkins - TJ Maxx
Clear Acrylic Napkin Rings - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Small, white votive holders - from Pat's collection
White Pearlized Vase - from "Cuddly Bear" (a local boutique)

We will be joining:
Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday: