Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
Dishes, dishes, dishes........

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Teal and White Tablescape

Who could resist a closeout on dishes for next to nothing, plenty to choose from, and in one of my favorite colors? And did I mention a credit on my bill and a rewards coupon???? Definitely not me.....that's how we came to owning these teal dishes from Pier 1 a few months ago. I thought the family would have a collective coronary when I brought home "another" set of dishes, but that's the breaks. Go with your passion - that's my motto. Go all the way....

Anyway, Pat set about to design the table this week using the new set since it was easy (she has been swamped with a whole bunch of stuff to do - and has been suffering water rationing through it all.) At least, Pat, you don't (can't) have to water anything outside, can't wash your car, clean windows, etc, and are restricted to 50 gallons of water a day so you can't wash many clothes either, or mop floors, or wash lots of dishes, .....or much of anything else.  Pat lives thirty minutes south of me....for now, I have enough water.
Over view of the table

The place setting - Pat toned the teal color down a bit by adding a white salad plate

More white here - flatware is by Hampton Silversmiths

We seem to own almost every glass Pier 1 has had since the store opened in our small community

The milk glass candle holder is by Westmoreland Glass Company

Sadly, one of the few remaining bits of glassware from Ross (I purchased them years ago and then we had several large earthquakes since......drought and earthquakes.....yes, folks, come to California...and if you come to Northern California, throw in a few dozen forest fires and some major marijuana wars.....)

Pat wrapped a white napkin around a teal napkin and held it together with a teal colored napkin ring

Silk flowers in a teal bowl (remember? No flowers....) flank each side of the centerpiece

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Tablecloth -
Teal Placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Flatware - by Hampton Silversmiths widely available
White Charger - by Bernardaud from Tuesday Morning
Teal Dishware - "Essential Colours" from Pier 1
White Salad Plate - Everyday White by "Food Network" from Kohl's
Glassware - "Teal Crackle" from Pier 1
Teal Napkin - from eBay
White Napkin - from TJMaxx
Teal Napkin Ring - Where else? Pier 1
Candle Holders- by Westmoreland Glass Company from eBay
Teal Candles - by "Northern Lights Candles" from Carl Johnson's Co. (a local shop that sells everything and anything)
Centerpiece Candle Holders - from Ross years and years ago

We will be joining Christine's "Table It!" at Rustic & Refined this Monday:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

Pray for rain. I promise to be in a better mood next week.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spode Sampler Tablescape

With a box of Whitman's Sampler Chocolates, you don't have to decide on one kind of chocolate - you can try them all and never get tired of any one of them (never mind the calories, the high sugar content, the cholesterol). That's my tablescape logic, too - minus the "annoying" weight gain. The more dish patterns you have, the less likely you will be to tire of any one of them (Yes - it's just an excuse to buy more....but it works for me.) 

Anyway, Pat finally broke down and took pity on me - I have wanted to do a "Sampler" table for a very long time. I know that it's contrary to every tablescaping "rule" and it drove Pat over the edge because things didn't match.....but I think that this week's table is stunning.  Pat managed to take totally different patterns and make them work together.

Over view of the table - to keep it from looking hodge-podge, Pat used the same glassware and flatware for each place setting

The flatware is "King James" - silverplate by Oneida

Glassware is from Pier 1 

Confession time: We don't own any more than this one place setting in this pattern. It is my absolute favorite Spode pattern but it's costly and very hard to find. Someday, maybe....

Pat had "Indian Tree" lying around in the back of her cupboard - I nearly's not one of her favorites but I think that it is fabulous.

Pat's Mother-in-Law started her on this pattern. Then her husband bought her a lot more....she gave me some "extras" and I bought some more. Now she has at least 20 place settings and I have 8 5-piece place settings

My Cousin bought my first few pieces of Pink Tower for me and then I couldn't stop....I now have eight 5-piece place settings of the "old backstamp." (As you can tell, all of my family members are "enablers" by contributing to my dish addiction......)

Pat had this pattern lying around, too.....I love it.

Fairy Dell is one of Spode's most popular patterns

"Irene" is not for the faint of heart - it is pretty bold and colorful.

To help tie the table together, Pat made big arrangements - the center arrangement is in a Sterling Silver Champagne bucket

The crystal candle holders are from Pat's collection

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Tablecloth and Napkins- from (Alycia Nichols at Tablescapes at Twenty-One ( "showed us the way" to this fantastic site for affordable tablecloths of any color and/or size)
Flatware - "King James" silverplate by Oneida from our Mother
Glassware - from Pier 1
Assorted Spode - from Pat's collection, from our Cousin, from Replacements, from eBay, from anywhere we found it......
Silver Champagne Bucket and Holder - from our Brother
Crystal Candle Holders - from Pat's collection
Candle - from Tuesday Morning
Silk Flowers - from Michael's
Pedestal Glass Vases - from Miranda's Rescue Thrift Shop (all proceeds go to aid in the care of neglected and/or abandoned animals)

We will be joining Christine's "Table It!" this Monday at Rustic & Refined:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Holland....Tablescape

As most of you know, once in a while, Pat and I want to do some tablescapes featuring the famous "world traveller and detective," Carmen Sandiego. This week, our version of Carmen landed in Holland.
Over view of the table - simple, uncluttered

The place setting - it features these great "Windmill" plates from Universal Potteries (1936-1954)

Pat wrapped a simple luncheon size ivory napkin in a blue napkin ring for the first layer of the place setting

The charger is a Spice Route "Ginger" dinner plate from Pier 1. Notice how the European style flatware is turned over.

These are one of my very favorite sets of flatware  - "Pure" by Gourmet Settings

Pat used an amber Depression goblet and simple red wine glass

The wooden Dutch shoes are the perfect accent for the table

What's more Dutch than tulips?

OK - so the windmill centerpiece is actually my bird house that Pat took from me before I had a chance to put it in the know my sister - anything for a tablescape.....the poor birds....

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Blue Placemat - "Bistro" Woven Vinyl by Benson Mills from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Gold Charger Plate - Ginger "Spice Route" from Pier 1
Windmill Dishware - "Windmill" Camwood Ivory by Universal Potteries from eBay and Replacements
Flatware - "Pure" by Gourmet Settings from eBay
Amber Goblet - Depression Glass from our collection
Red Wine Goblet - "Entertain" by Libby from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Yellow Candles - from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Napkin - Handmade by Pat
Napkin Ring - PVC pipe cut into 1" rounds and spray painted with Fusion Spray Paint
Silk Tulips - from Michael's
White Windmill Birdhouse - from our local Garden Center
We will be joining Christine's "Table It" at Rustic & Refined this Monday:
We will also be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch:
For fun, check out the "Cuisine" section of the Holland Tourism website  ( for some great ideas for Dutch food.