Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

"Lemony Snickett" Tablescape

Just like Lemony Snickett's books on A Series of Unfortunate Events where the children in the books suffer lots of bad luck, misery and "unfortunate events," I looked at today's newspaper and just a few of the stories include: "Dangerous New Wild Fire Prompts Mass Evacuations, Shuts down Highway 101" [the only way to leave or enter our County to the South,] "Public Safety Power Shutoff Expected to Hit County Tonight" [sitting in the dark with no electricity expected to last for 36-48 hours,] "Red Salmon Fire Hits 40,000 Acres" [this one is located on the east side of the county and separate from the other fire - and now up to 48.000 acres,] "Air Quality to Hit "Unhealthy Level" Today - Beware" [caused by all the fires burning in and around the County,] not to mention an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, new closed businesses, unemployment up again, wacky school openings/closings, the record breaking heat wave hitting the entire state and a number of other local stuff......all on Page one.

Well, Pat came up with the perfect table for this week - something calming, cooling, and serene. She chose soft blue and white with a cool coastal feel (even though we are located right on the Pacific coast and it is in the 80's today - of course, you can't see the sun with the smokey haze from the fires but that is another story. Inland just a few miles, it is over 100 degrees, smelly and dangerous, so I am not complaining.)

Flatware is "Vintage Countryside" by Ricci

Always a favorite, the versatile driftwood-like charger is from World Market

Pat used two napkins to add some flare and additional color

Pat created a centerpiece using grasses, twigs, and imitation berries

From the other end of the table
I am off to charge up my phone, the lantern, the portable radio and a flashlight and to check my supply of water, matches, batteries and canned food. Hope your week is safe and slightly less eventful than mine and Pat's.

Where it came from:
Place Mats - from Tuesday Morning a few years ago (we no longer have a Tuesday Morning in our area as of this Summer)
Chargers - Made from Mango wood from World Market several years ago
Dinnerware - "Aqua" by Thomsen Potteries from Ross seven or eight years ago
Flatware - "Vintage Countryside" by Ricci from Tuesday Morning three years ago
Beer Pilsner - from the Dollar Tree years ago (but still available)
Shells and Glass Balls - from Pier 1 over the years
Candle Holders - from a local thrift store many years ago
Gasses and Sea Glass - from Michael's three or four years ago

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 


  1. Oh, Ladies, this table is PERFECT: an absolute breath of fresh air (we're suffering as well in So. CA: the sun was a big red ball in the sky yesterday afternoon, and our daughter is on possible evacuation order in Monrovia!) I love your linens and your dish stack. It's all lovely and refreshing. Stay safe: we'll be out of fire season soon!

  2. Your table is beautiful, serene and cool - and I'm so sorry for all the unfortunate events around you! I'm praying for rain to extinguish all the fires.

  3. In the midst of chaos there is calm in this beautiful table! I love the double napkin idea - a great way to carry through the color scheme. My prayers are with you all out there - I wish I could send you some of our rain!