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Schumann Wild Rose
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

First Table of Autumn

Our first table of Autumn is one that Pat's daughter came up with while she was here visiting a few weeks ago. It uses orange and green plaid placemats from Pier 1 (this season) and Franciscan's "Vegetable Medley" accent plates.
Colorful plaid placemats and matching napkins set the tone for this table.

Flatware is "Sophia" by Hampton Forge. It matches perfectly with the "Sage" Fiesta(ware) dinner plate

We were going to use all "Carrot" accent plates - but, Confession time, I misplaced one of them. So - on to plan B and now we are using all four vegetable plates in the set.

Another "find" from Pier 1 this season - these amber glasses took on a most welcomed orange tinge on the table

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Plaid Placemats and Matching Napkins - from Pier 1 this season
Dinner Plates - "Sage" Fiesta(ware) by Homer Laughlin from Macy's two or three years ago
Accent Plates - "Vegetable Medley" (1995-2001) by Franciscan from eBay and Replacements
Bread and Butter Plates - "Sage" Fiesta(ware) Appetizer Plates by Homer Laughlin from
Flatware - Green "Sophia" by Hampton Forge from Tuesday Morning several years ago
Amber Glassware - from Pier 1 this season
Centerpiece Greenery and Fruits/Vegetables - from Michael's

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 

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  1. I like having "all" the vegetables represented on the plates - at least all 4. And I love those plaid placemats. Happy early Fall!