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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gnome Tablescape

My sister cannot deny that she is a fanatical tablescaper - she travelled half way up and down the state of California checking out every WalMart from the Oregon border to South San Francisco looking for some garden stake gnomes to go on our table this week. (Oregon is over two hours north from here and San Francisco is more than six hours south - more if you hit traffic.) Only WalMart carried the variety she wanted, and Pat was determined to get them. We've renamed her BMW the "Gnomemobile."

And if that wasn't enough.....Then she wanted denim placemats - she set about looking for them all over the place but to no avail. So - she decided to make her own and the denim napkins to match. She grew the plants specifically for the table. And to make matters worse - Pat does not like gnomes. Can't stand them. (I'm really sure she likes them even less after this table......)

Well, anyway, many miles later, lots of burned tire tread and yards of material cut and sewn, Pat set the table for this week: invasion of the garden gnomes.
Over view of the table

The place setting

Flatware is the ever popular "Treble Clef" by Gourmet Settings

One of the infamous WalMart Garden Gnomes - every glass had a different gnome. Pat calls it "attention to detail." I call it straight jacket time.....

The place setting starts with this very cute Garden Gnome hard at work

Pat used one of her favorite plates - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach

The charger is "Lemon Leaf" by Bordallo Pinheiro

To continue the garden theme, Pat used tea light candles in tiny terracotta trays as votive holders

Pat grew the impatiens in her greenhouse for this table.....she wanted this specific color. Does the word "crazy" come to mind yet???

I could write a book about the hunt for the centerpiece gnomes - just suffice it to say it was a very long, hard search.........and then we found them at the Supermarket. Go figure....

Tiny terracotta pots are used to hold salt and pepper

For the centerpiece, Pat used different sized terracotta pots turned over to raise the gnomes 

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Denim Placemats and Denim Napkins - Handmade by Pat for this table
Flatware - "Treble Clef" by Gourmet Settings from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Glassware - "Sphere" from Pier 1
Charger - "Lemon Leaf" by Bordallo Pinheiro from eBay
Red Dinner Plate - "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach from Replacements
Gnome Plates - "Kiss That Frog" Gnome from eBay
Red Bread/Butter Plate - "Scarlett" Fiesta by Homer Laughlin from Replacements
Red Napkins - from Pier 1
Centerpiece Gnomes - from our local Grocery Store after searching every garden center within 200 miles, every flea market, every rummage sale, every boutique, every antique store, every and any place we could think of.....
Garden Stake Gnomes (in each glass) - from any and every WalMart in Northern California
Terracotta Pots and Moss - from Michael's
Tiny Spoons for the Salt/Pepper Holders - Maryland China Company
Plants - Impatiens grown by Pat for this table

First - our thanks to Kathleen at "Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish" for last week's challenge. What fun! It gave us a chance to share memories and old times.

We also want to thank Christine at "Rustic & Refined" for the opportunity to join her new "Table It" Link Party this Monday:

And we will be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:


  1. Ok...After all your travels and hard work, that is one cute table!!! Attention to detail was spot on. Loved the mini flower pots for s & p. Wonderful table...Love it!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, this table brought such a smile to my face. It is too cute and your backstory about the gnome hunt made me laugh out loud!! I love the attention to detail and you both have perfected that with all of your tables. So very well done and a great way to start off the week!!!! Many thanks for sharing for creativity. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. I do love gnomes and "Bravo" to Pat's stamina to create the tablescape of her vision. I had to get out my "Gnomes" book, text by Will Huygen and illustrated by Rein Poortvliet, purchased in Germany 1976, and flip thru it. I have about 30 gnomes made by "Goebel" purchased in Germany and have not figured out yet how to incorporate into Tablescape. Pat's determination proves it can be done. Thanks so much, from "One Gnome Lover"

  4. Don't pick on Pat! This table is just fantastic ... and adorable. I love gnomes ... and am headed straight to Walmart! Thanks for sharing ... and for providing such a humorous storyline!

  5. Wonderful, fanciful, delightful...I don't have enough adjectives to describe this great tablescape. I am so glad she went to the trouble to find the gnomes...very well worth it!

  6. I have never been much of a gnome lover either but seeing them this way may change my mind. What a creative and fun it! and also let me say a huge thank you for linking up with me at the Table It link Party!