Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Wedding China Challenge

Cuisine Kathleen at Let's Dish ( has invited tablescapers to another unique challenge this week: design a table using either your wedding china or perhaps something that was passed on to you. Pat thought it would be great fun to use my wedding china for "The Welcomed Guest" and her wedding china for our other blog (Table for One.)

My china, "Wild Rose," was produced by the Carl Schumann Porcelain Factory of Bavaria, Germany. Some of the earliest documented pieces date back to the 1920's, but the pattern produced by Schumann was discontinued in the 1970's. (Other porcelain companies bought the pattern/molds and continued to produce it but the quality was not as good.)

FYI:  Schumann porcelain is known for its colorful and highly decorative and bold patterns and "Wild Rose" is no exception. It is definitely not for everyone......but I loved it then (over 45 years ago) and I still love it now. (My entire "Schumann story" is told in last year's Springtime challenge post including my 40 year search for a soup tureen [] - you can tell that anyone who took 40 years to find a piece of china really wanted that piece or is just decide.
Over view of the table

The place setting - Pat wanted to add some interest and tone down the color a bit so she put a pink Depressionware sherbet and liner on top and added a dark sage green baroque charger.

Flatware is "Grand Colonial"

Simple but elegant glassware works best with such a busy china pattern

The sherbet and liner are "American Sweetheart" Depressionware by MacBeth-Evans

Flowers are decals but the gold is all hand painted

This tray is one of my favorite pieces - over 17" long

Another interesting piece - about 6" high - it may be a candy dish

Pat wanted to use the cigarette holder and ashtray (designed especially for after dinner use) - but since she doesn't know anyone who smokes (and she was not about to support the tobacco industry by buying a pack of cigarettes), you have to use your imagination

The antique candle holders hold mauve tapers

The square butter dish is thought to be produced in the 1930's - I have it in a round version also

One last look from the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Tablecloth -
Mauve Rose Napkins - from a local department store long out of business
Chargers - inexpensive lacquer chargers from Michael's
Flatware - "Grand Colonial" Sterling Silver by Wallace
"Wild Rose" China - from various places but originally purchased at Walsh's (a fabulous local store that featured Wedding china and glassware for brides - sadly out of business for many, many years)
Sherbet and Liner - "American Sweetheart" Depressionware by MacBeth Evans Glass Company
Water and Wine Goblets - from Pier 1
Candle Holders - from Art & Old Things (our favorite antique store)
Mauve Rose candles - from the Ferndale Emporium (another neat local boutique)

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday:

We will also be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" this Thursday:


  1. Pink is my ultimate favorite color for a table. I love the hue of pink in yours. I've tried for years to pull off depression glass or anything like that with mine, and it never works. Your pink sherbets are just plain perfect with yours. I love that!

    You have so many wonderful treasures to go with this table. I love them! (And I'm glad you didn't support the tobacco industry, either...high five!)

  2. Your dishes are fascinating to me! Gorgeous and so much hand work in the gold detailing! I can't believe that special pieces were made for tobacco products! I never knew that. Perhaps some pretty flowers would be more appropriate today! Lovely table. Linda

  3. Your table is stunning, elegant and old fashioned. I am always drawn to the pink depression glass, and it's beautiful with your china.

  4. Your china and silver are just exquisite! The colors are just delicious. The whole table is fabulous.

  5. Your china is gorgeous! I can't think of enough adjectives to describe it...lovely, elegant, I could go on and on. The table is beautiful and love the way the pink looks with it.

  6. What fabulous "extra" pieces your pattern included! I really enjoyed seeing them. This pretty pattern looks wonderful paired with the pink Depression glass pieces. Lovely!

  7. The Wild Rose china is an unusual pattern. It sets a pretty table. Have to say I like the addition of the pink depression glass. Beautiful table!

  8. I love the Wild Rose pattern. This is one of my favorite tables that you have done. I see no need to tone done the color in this pattern, flaunt it and be proud! Beautiful!

  9. I really love your blog. Katie's friend Terri I. sent me the link and I have been loving it. I have been checking out ebay and other online stores for dinnerware. Keep up your excellent blog.

  10. Pat thought it would be great fun to use my wedding china for "The Welcomed Guest" ...