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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, August 13, 2012

OK - I admit it. I am a fan of Elvis Presley. I am finally "out of the closet" and free to tell the world that I like him. I like everything about him - his music, his looks, his work ethic, his love of family. I think he left us way too early. And yes, I remember "where I was" when I heard the news of his passing. I was stunned like most people.

But this blog is about tablescaping - not Elvis.  But why not combine two things I really like? So, I talked Pat into doing a table to honor Elvis. It didn't take much to convince her. I think she did a fantastic job. (She is not quite the fan I am - however, she still has Elvis' iconic "Elvis' Golden Records" album from 1958......) And don't tell anyone - she bought the Elvis dishes.
Sorry, I couldn't resist....This was Elvis' debut album that was released March 23, 1956. It was the first ever million-selling rock and roll album.

Overview of the table. Black and white - somber but beautiful.

Close up of one of the settings.

Black goblets with just a hint of crystal from the champagne flute to add sparkle.

Silver flatware is King James (from one King to another......sorry, I can't help myself.......)

WOW! What else can be said???

Square salad plate set on a diagonal works perfect with the black square dinner plate.

The dinner plate is from World Market (Cost Plus.)

This simple yet gorgeous white charger is by Bernardaud.

The tall crystal candleholder is from Pat's personal collection.

Black flowers in the black satin-finished vase look just right.

Pat used a black sherbet on a square bread and butter plate.

Black and white napkin rings around black and white napkins to carry through the theme.

Faux leather placemat sits on top of a white one. (Elvis would have loved the leather one.)

Betty is an Elvis fan, too.

Another view of the table.

Tablecloth - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Leather placemats - Pier 1
White placemats - Tuesday Morning
White charger - by Bernardaud
Square Black Dinner plate - World Market
Square White Salad plate - Target
Elvis plates - Ross
Square Bread and Butter plates - Kohl's
Black Sherbet - by Reizart from
Black Water and Martini Glass - Replacements. com
Champagne flute - Selection by Cris d'Arques
Napkin rings - PVC pipe spray painted
Napkins - Target
Candles and Black flowers - Michael's
Black satin vase - Pat's personal collection

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