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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Silver and Green Tablescape and Philosophy

Tablescaping (or better yet, table design) embodies the personality of the creator. Recently, Pat and I have been talking about the trends in tablescaping. I've seen dozens of tables that use a huge variety of patterns for each place setting - it seems the more the merrier. The higher the stack of dishes, the better. The only thing that ties them together is.....well, I am not always sure what does tie them together. But table decorating and design have definitely changed over the years. Mixing plaids, stripes, florals and colorful linens with unmatched flatware (even the dreaded mix of silver with stainless steel), widely diverse patterns, square with round dinnerware or, my arch nemesis, plastic dishes,  It's all fair game. The trend seems to be fun, stylish (that depends on your definition), and hip. 

I guess it is old age or maybe an unwillingness to change, but when I look back at our tables, most are simple designs with matching plates, flatware, and linen, uncomplicated centerpieces, and always quite serviceable. Indeed, Pat's first rule of tablescaping is:  the table must be "usable" - you must be able to serve a meal on it just as it stands or by removing only an accent plate. It is harder than you think.....

This week's table features "Crestwood Platinum" by Noritake and a metallic silver accent plate from Pier 1. Pat toned down the setting somewhat by adding just greenery for the centerpiece. Once again, not a super busy table but one that can be easily used. 
Another thing I noticed about today's modern tablescape is the "busy" table top - lots of accessories and decorations with hardly any table showing. It does make for a very interesting table and keeps your eyes busy.....quite different from the subdued table above. 
Another thing that Pat does frequently is use a bread and butter plate that many tablescapers have eliminated from the tabletop.

Flatware is ultra modern "Fluence" by Oneida

The glass textured charger is from Pier 1

One of our "go-to" glassware patterns, these are from the Dollar Tree

The twisted green and white milk glass candle holders are by Westmoreland Glass Co.
One last look

Where it came from:
Green Glass Chargers - from Pier 1 years ago
Dinner and Bread/Butter Plates - "Crestwood Platinum" by Noritake from Wayfair
Accent Plate - from Pier 1 years ago
Flatware - "Fluence" stainless steel by Oneida from Replacements.Ltd.
Glassware - from the Dollar Tree (currently available)
Hemstitch Napkins - from Pier 1 four or five years ago
Twisted Candle Holders - by Westmoreland Glass Company from our collection

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 



  1. I agree with you that table settings should be "usable". This is a lovely example of a beautifully coordinated table that can be used. And I LOVE those candle holders!

  2. I love your tablescapes and the way you effectively mix and match pieces. Would you consider offering a consulting service for people who have some pieces we would like to use more often? I'd love to be able to get some suggestions on what might work with some of my patterns so that I could look for similar options. Seriously.