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Schumann Wild Rose
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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

2021 Mardi Gras - Staying Home Version

 According to the Associated Press, since there will be no Mardi Gras parade this year, people all around New Orleans are decorating their houses as floats. Pat thought this was a great idea and decided to set the table this week with a wild and flashy Mardi Gras theme since the weather in our area won't permit outdoor decorating (and the neighbors would think we were wackier than we really know, those "dish ladies".....)
Thanks to Pier 1's "eclectic" style, we have lots of bold, wild dinnerware to choose from. All the dishes were from our local store over the years. I really miss it.
Pat started the splashy tablescape with a light gold lame tablecloth

Flatware is "Gold Iconic" by Wallace

The clear glass accent plate didn't show up well on red, so Pat lined it with a gold salad plate

We found the gold-leaf chargers at Costco years ago

The bold beaded napkin ring holds a gold and a red hemstitched napkin
Is this wild? Pat found Christmas decorations and "repurposed" it. Then she strung beads around the gold cracked-crystal-like candle holder for added bling

One last look from the other end of the table

Where it came from:
Gold Lame Tablecloth - from Ross years ago
Gold Leaf Chargers - from Costco eight years ago
All Dinnerware - from Pier 1 over the years
Flatware - "Gold Iconic" by Wallace from
Glassware - from Pier 1 many years ago
Read and Gold Hemstitch Napkins and Napkin Rings - also from Pier 1
Centerpiece Vase and Red Candle Holders - from Ross many years ago
Gold "Bush" and All Beads - from Michael's

This week, we will be joining "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch: 


  1. Love the table the colors are terrific!!!

  2. Oh, I love this! What a festive table - all the gold, and those striped glass plates really bring the party spirit to this table. Let the good times roll!

  3. Your table settings are always FABULOUS!!! This one is no exception. I, too, really miss Pier One.

  4. I love everything about this table, but the glassware is really incredible! I miss Pier 1 , too. I am glad that I have some of their cute, and really large cloth napkins. I also have one of their patio umbrellas which is an important part of my little piece of summertime heaven! I need the shade on my hot, south-facing patio, and it is a bright tomato red color that is so cheerful. Last summer, there was no place to go, no place we were permitted to go, and no money to go there even if we could have! So, my patio umbrella and the table outside with the cute napkins from Pier 1, were the most festive things we had! I have seen advertisements for a Pier 1 website recently but I have not checked it out. Going to the store and looking for the super bargains was my thing. Many more places are opened up here in Indiana than were open last summer, but, I am sad to report that a great many storefronts are now bare and vandalized after many months of closure. So many small businesses are gone and will never return. My husband's business has been gutted. We are struggling to hang on, but things will never get back to the way they were before. The hole is too deep! I am no longer working and so I am enjoying taking care of my home and cats and finding new creative ways to use all of the wonderful dishes that I collected during the boom times! Like you, I have plenty of amusement right here at home!(reading, re-reading and organizing all of the books from our lifetime together, too) Take care!