Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Teal and White Tablescape

Who could resist a closeout on dishes for next to nothing, plenty to choose from, and in one of my favorite colors? And did I mention a credit on my bill and a rewards coupon???? Definitely not me.....that's how we came to owning these teal dishes from Pier 1 a few months ago. I thought the family would have a collective coronary when I brought home "another" set of dishes, but that's the breaks. Go with your passion - that's my motto. Go all the way....

Anyway, Pat set about to design the table this week using the new set since it was easy (she has been swamped with a whole bunch of stuff to do - and has been suffering water rationing through it all.) At least, Pat, you don't (can't) have to water anything outside, can't wash your car, clean windows, etc, and are restricted to 50 gallons of water a day so you can't wash many clothes either, or mop floors, or wash lots of dishes, .....or much of anything else.  Pat lives thirty minutes south of me....for now, I have enough water.
Over view of the table

The place setting - Pat toned the teal color down a bit by adding a white salad plate

More white here - flatware is by Hampton Silversmiths

We seem to own almost every glass Pier 1 has had since the store opened in our small community

The milk glass candle holder is by Westmoreland Glass Company

Sadly, one of the few remaining bits of glassware from Ross (I purchased them years ago and then we had several large earthquakes since......drought and earthquakes.....yes, folks, come to California...and if you come to Northern California, throw in a few dozen forest fires and some major marijuana wars.....)

Pat wrapped a white napkin around a teal napkin and held it together with a teal colored napkin ring

Silk flowers in a teal bowl (remember? No flowers....) flank each side of the centerpiece

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Tablecloth -
Teal Placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Flatware - by Hampton Silversmiths widely available
White Charger - by Bernardaud from Tuesday Morning
Teal Dishware - "Essential Colours" from Pier 1
White Salad Plate - Everyday White by "Food Network" from Kohl's
Glassware - "Teal Crackle" from Pier 1
Teal Napkin - from eBay
White Napkin - from TJMaxx
Teal Napkin Ring - Where else? Pier 1
Candle Holders- by Westmoreland Glass Company from eBay
Teal Candles - by "Northern Lights Candles" from Carl Johnson's Co. (a local shop that sells everything and anything)
Centerpiece Candle Holders - from Ross years and years ago

We will be joining Christine's "Table It!" at Rustic & Refined this Monday:

We will also be joining Susan's "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

Pray for rain. I promise to be in a better mood next week.


  1. What a lovely color and gorgeous tablescape, and I do know what you mean about not being able to resist even more tableware. I just got a dose of reality regarding my own embarrassingly large collection of table linens when one of the many shelves use to hold them in my pantry collapsed under the weight of them all. Oh well, now I can have it rebuilt better and stronger!

    I hope the drought in California comes to an end soon -- it is getting downright frightening. We were in New Mexico a couple of weeks ago and it stormed every afternoon, sometimes heavily. I guess California did not get that? And even though they are silk, the flowers in your arrangements always look so real -- must be the way Pat arranges them. Have a great and hopefully rainy week!

    1. Thank you for your kind and "wet" thoughts - without rain in the forecast, I am very grumpy, and I do apologize. We are so used to everything "green" in Humboldt County - it seems so different now. Brown is the new green. That is our motto this summer. Anyway - I bet it was hotter that blazes in New Mexico. Hope you had a good trip. Glad you are home. Katie

  2. Wow! Beautiful!! Love that color teal. Don't you just love Pier One? I'm in So. CA, and we're only getting reminders to conserve water just now: I don't know how long that will last before the warnings are sterner. All of this is rather alarming. Love your postings......Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. Loving the colors and those blue candle holders are just stunning!

  4. Wonderful! Love the blues. I'm afraid water rationing is going to be a norm in our future. I can remember my grandmother getting so upset when we would run the water to rinse dishes

  5. Yikes! Poor Pat! Every story I hear about the water woes in CA just make me cringe. I really, really feel for those who are under such harsh restrictions. Water is such a huge part of our day to day lives, and without it running freely I just don't know how those affected can cope much longer. We had a drought here in the Midwest (along with most of the rest of the country) 2 or 3 years back. It didn't go on for nearly as long as the one there in CA, nor were we put under such heinous restrictions. Knowing what we went through in just a fraction of the time makes me just ache for Californians who are suffering through this. I hope the heavens open up and give the land a good drink of water soon...but not in flood proportions! That's all you'd need to top off the rash of wildfires, marijuana wars, etc.!!! :-(

    The table is beautiful, and I so glad to see you guys giving Pier 1 a good run! That place is so great! I don't shop as much as I used to, but that is certainly one of my "go to" places when I do. All the teal looks terrific with the white. Very, very pretty.

    Here's wishing Pat cooler, rainier days that will bring the much-needed relief!

  6. Katie your table as always is stunning .Where do you keep all the dishes you two share and where do you find your ideas from? My son lives in Eureka also and I live in San Diego and quite familiar with the drought situations only we are more so in southern Ca.When you set your tables(love the flatware on this one just gorgeous) are they for real dinners or just pretend? It seems you and Pat also do alot of entertaining. Have a great week. thanks for such beauty.Susie

  7. The teal and white combination is gorgeous. All of the accessories look as if they were bought to go with the teal Pier 1 plates. Both you and Pat do a wonderful job of designing and photographing your tablescapes. Your tables are always stunning. I don't remember when I first came across your blog but I am so glad I found it. I was so enthralled with your tables that I tracked back your posts to when you started. I was amazed at your skills of putting a beautiful tablescape together, both you and Pat.