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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Bordallo Uptown Tablescape

Yesterday was a truly wonderful day. Our cousin Trev, Pat, and I played for hours with dishes. And this was after we raided Trev and his partner Gary's entire house. Pat packed up dishes, sterling silver flatware, chargers, napkins, placemats, everything and anything she wanted - nothing was off limits (I already told you what a great cousin we have - he's the one that gave me an entire collection of blue Portieux glassware from France. This time, he gave me eight place settings of Wallace Grand Colonial Sterling Silver. Can you believe it???)

Anyway, here is what we came up with using just some of Trev's Bordallo Pinheira Cabbage collection:
Over view of the table

Close up of the place setting

Pat "had to use" these tiny vegetable bowls - they measure less and 4 1/2" across

Both Trev and Pat wanted to use the round salad plate even though we were using the crescent-shaped salad bowls on the table

The dinner plate measures 10 1/2" across

I admit it - I am probably the only person in the world who does not like these chargers - that is to say, until I saw Trev put a Cabbage plate on it. I was wrong. Totally. It looks fabulous together. So, I publicly apologize to Trev, to Rayleen at Pier 1 and to the rest of the world. You were right - you all said that you just need to use it with the right place setting. I'm hooked......

Trev wanted to use some of his collection of Waterford glassware - I said no. He fought - I won. I was so afraid that a glass might he had to settle for my glassware.

I wished this photographed better - this is absolutely beautiful sterling silver. Simple. Elegant.

The five piece place setting - "Grand Colonial" by Wallace

Trev and Gary have dozens of different piece of Bordallo. This is one of my favorites - the crescent salad plate

The butter pat

No argument here - both Pat and Trev wanted to use the soup tureen as the centrepiece. Trev has the cream soup bowls and liners to match

Covered mayonnaise dish and ladle

A cruet

Individual covered tureen 

Trev wanted to use his sterling candle holders. Pat wanted brown candle holders. I wanted to use crystal candle holders. My table................I won the argument. They chose the sage green candles.

One last look at the table
Where it came from:
All Bordallo Pinheira Cabbage Dinnerware - graciously borrowed from our cousins
Flatware - "Grand Colonial" by Wallace from our cousins
White Chargers - (from Pier 1) from Trev's collection
Glassware - from Pier 1
Candle Holders - Depression glass from Pat's collection
Sage Green Candles - TJMaxx

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday:


  1. You are right, I never liked those chargers either, but they look stunning with the cabbage plates. I love the tureen it really sets off the whole table. Great job ladies!!!


  2. Love all the green on this table, and the dinnerware collection is so impressive! I am especially fond of the little butter pat plates, the cabbage cruet, and the mayonnaise dish. I didn't even know the latter existed, but I do love mayonnaise and the fact that there is a serving dish just for this condiment pleases me no end! And thank you for the triple fold napkin instructions! Of course my limited domestic arts skills failed me and my napkins did not look anything like your perfect folds, but I discovered via YouTube that I could do a single fold version, so I will practice with that until my skills improve (hopefully!).

  3. the cabbage leaf pieces. They do look great on those wood chargers.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Glad you came over to the LIKE side of the chargers. I now have enough to set a table for 8 they really can be used for formal or casual. Welcome to the LIKE side. Now to the place settings WOW I have the plates and bowls so I am really jealous of all the other pieces.
    You are very fortunate to have giving cousins, it's fun to have great cousins.

  5. Love this table! The whole thing looks great. Wonderful accessory pieces...