Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
Dishes, dishes, dishes........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day is Sunday. Time to think of Mom, and time to change the tablescape for her day. Our Mother loved dishware, so we came by it naturally. (She also collected porcelain figurines, bells, plates, tea cups, anything Norman Rockwell, and the list goes on.) Her walls were covered in decorative plates. She had dozens - in the livingroom, down the hall, around the kitchen, in her bedroom, everywhere. All kinds and sizes. But my favorite thing she collected was her Armani figurines. She started collecting them late in life so she only had a few dozen, but they are beautiful. only seems natural to a set Mother's Day table decorated with one or two of her lovely "girls."

Betty in her lovely pink Boa to match.

That wooden "stick" is a clever little gadget that Pat's husband made for each of us. It is used to arrange the place setting and flatware so it is equally centered and exactly one inch from the edge of the table. (Hyacinth Bucket would be soooooooo jealous.)

Here's a closeup. The bottom of the napkin is placed on the center notch. Perfectly placed dishes and flatware everytime.

Mom bought the flower vase years ago.

Mom would have loved these napkin rings.

Hope your Mother's Day is happy and one filled with friends, family and good memories.

Lace placemats:  Lentz Department Store (Ferndale, CA)
Charger:  Mikasa Color Spectrum (eBay)
Dinnerware:  Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz from
Flatware: April by Wm Rogers & Son
Napkin Rings - Tuesday Morning
Green Glassware - Dollar Store
Trumpet Champagne Glass - Cristal D'Arques "Selection" from Ross
Rose colored napkins - Gottschalk's (a local department store no longer in business)
Sheer napkin overlay - Granzella's Gourmet and Gifts in Williams, CA
Crystal Candlesticks -  by Oleg Cassini from Tuesday Morning

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