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Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gladys' Birthday Bash Tablescape

OK - so by now, everyone knows that Pat and I set a table and usually hold a birthday bash for my dachshunds' birthdays inviting human and canine family. (I never claimed to be "normal.") Anyway, it's time for the party, and this year Pat set another table to honor her "nieces and nephews." She kept it simple but elegantly doggy.
Over view of the table - humans only

The place setting - each salad plate details a different "style" of dachshund. This one is a short haired black one just like Gladys and her Mother

Flatware is "Image" by Spode

When I bought these plates at Pier 1 a while ago, Pat didn't think we would use them much....Wrong. They have become a staple in our "dish repertoire"

The charger is "Colonial Blue" Color Spectrum by Mikasa

I love these whimsical glasses - "Sphere" from Pier 1

Pat took two napkins in coordinating colors and laid them under the plate

Naturally, the flower arrangement features Dachshunds

Pat put a pair of Salt and Pepper shakers at each end of the table

Once again, Pat didn't use the cup and saucer that comes with the dishes - she took the saucer and used it as the bread and butter plate

This is what the dinner plate to the set looks like

One last look from the other end of the table
Where it came from:
Tablecloth - from
Placemats - from Costco years ago
Blue Chargers - "Colonial Blue" Color Spectrum by Mikasa from eBay and Replacements
Flatware - "Image" by Spode from Tuesday Morning
Dachshund Dinnerware - by Danbury Mint gifted to my by a dear friend (who also loves dogs)
Rust Dinner Plate - "Spice Route Paprika" from Pier 1
Glassware - "Sphere" from Pier 1
Rust Napkin - Handmade by Pat
Blue Napkin - from Tuesday Morning
Dachshund Vases - from eBay
Dachshund Salt/Pepper Shakers - from our collection
Tapers - from Tuesday Morning
Crystal Candle Holders - from Pat

We will be joining Christine's "Table It!" this Monday at Rustic & Refined:

We will also be joining Susan for "Tablescape Thursday" at Between Naps on the Porch this Thursday:

RIP Jane, Mr. Folgers, Aunt Mocha, and Barney. We miss you and will always love you.


  1. Hi Pat and Katie, lovely tablescape. I love the idea of a doggie birthday party. The dachshund plates are adorable, along with the centerpiece and salt and pepper shakers. The glasses are lovely. We recently found a dachshund wandering the streets. After several attempts of contacting people around where we lived, we took him home. We took his picture and posted them all around and also posted to Facebook for the county Paws. He spent the night with us and our 4 dogs and was spoiled. The next afternoon, his owner called and came to pick him up. Love happy endings. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment.

  2. Adorable!! Now I have to find a couple of those plates for my beloved neighbor Shirley, her mini is named Dexter and my brand new neighbor Better, her long hair is named Missy. I'd love to give them some Christmas treats on these plates!

  3. Gladys' birthday table is gorgeous! Those dachshund plates are adorable, and I love the planters/flower vases and the salt and pepper shakers. I do a Dalmatian-themed table every August 28th, the birthday of my first Dalmatian, Dottie. Doesn't everyone do that? It seems perfectly reasonable to me. I've even declared the day my own official holiday - Dalmatian Appreciation Day! I think every dog breed (and mutts) should have their own official holiday (or maybe they already do and I just don't know about it!). Happy birthday to Gladys and the rest of the gang!

  4. Just adorable , I love the plates ! Happy Barkday ! =D

  5. First of all, so glad you were able to discover! They really have a terrific selection of linens from which to choose!

    Have you any idea how many people could learn from this post???!??!!! THIS is the way to celebrate your puppy!!!! I have a friend who will LOVE this! She is very dedicated to her dog, and I know she'll get a real kick out of this! (For ME to put together, not her...she just likes to look, not put together!)

    The dachshunds filled with flowers are just TOO cute!!!

    The color of those chargers just blows me up! It's so soft. It truly lives up to its name, too. It reminds me of everything Colonial! I love the additional colors used to create the tablescape. You really created a special backdrop to the doggie dishes when you combined that Colonial Blue charger with the paprika plates!

    You included a ton of fabulous surprises on this tablescape! I love it! It's elegant fun!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!