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Schumann Wild Rose
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter in Humboldt County, CA Tablescape

Pat and I jumped at the chance to decorate the table with a Winter theme in mind (we are linking our blog to Cuisine Kathleen's blog  for Wednesday night's "Let's Dish" this week who issued that challenge to all tablescapers), but suddenly, we realized that Humboldt County weather is not really "Winter" weather. Eureka (our home town) sits on the Pacific Ocean (we are about 5 1/2 hours north of San Francisco - we are really Northern California - not San Francisco and even then, there is another nearly two hour drive north of us to Oregon.) Coastal daytime temperatures in the Winter hover around the 50's and rarely get below 40 degrees. Summer temperature is normally in the 60's (and rarely exceed 70 degrees.) We get about 33 inches of rain a year around the bay - most all of it in December through March. Parts of the county inland can exceed 40-50 inches of rain.

The trade off for little or no seasonal weather is we have "green" all year long. Gorgeous Redwoods fill the landscape. Everything is always lush - that is, if you can see it through the fog........ I forgot to mention that. We have lots and lots of fog all year long. Lots and lots and lots.........

Anyway, Pat chose green (for the landscape) and blue (blue for the ocean) for the tablescape. And since it rains most of the winter, she added flashlights and candles. Yes, Humboldt County is forever losing power in the Winter. Most people have a "kit" for just that emergency (and did I mention one for earthquakes? And one for windstorms? And one for Mud slides that close all the highways in and out of the county?)
Overview of the table

Close up of the place setting
Hammered style flatware adds texture

Simple, sleek glassware from the Dollar Store

The casual napkin fold consists of blue and lemongrass green napkins placed in the soup bowl

Pat used a Scarlett Fiestaware Salad plate to hold the Dollar Store soup bowl

The next layer is a Lemongrass green Fiestaware luncheon plate

The dinner plate is Fun Factory by Waechtersbach

The huge charger is a 13" Cobalt Blue Espana charger from Tabletops Unlimited

Pat made sure each guest has a candle "nearby"

Pat chose Rainy Day Betty for the centerpiece

Each guest got a favor - naturally a flashlight

The five piece place setting - the hammered handles reminded Pat of rain drops

These beautiful votives are from Tuesday Morning

Ralph watching over the table....

I told you my sister had a wicked sense of humor - poor Ralph..........

One last look

We are linking to Cuisine Kathleen's Let Dish this Wednesday evening.

Blue Chargers:  Cobalt Espana byTabletops Unlimited from eBay and Replacements
Red Dinner Plates:  Red Fun Factory by Waechtersbach from Replacements
Lemongrass Luncheon Plates, Sauce Bowls, and Bread and Butter Plates:  Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin from Macy's and Kohl's
Scarlett Salad Plates: Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin from Replacements
Grass green Bowls:  Dollar Store last year
Hammered-look Flatware:  from Costco
Glassware:  Dollar Store
Napkins:  Handmade by Pat
Betty Boop Centerpiece:  from Heuer's Florist (locally owned store)
Cobalt blue Votive Holders:  Tuesday Morning
Votives, candles and Mirror: Michael's
Flashlights:  Hardware store


  1. This has to be a favorite table at tonight's party. Love the bright colors and the addition of the flashlight just cracked me up! Perfect for a North West Coast Winter! Cute centerpiece! I had a great visit here!
    hugs, Linda

  2. ♥♥♥ this has the vivid colors I am so attracted to...especially limes and blues. I am chuckling about the flashlights. Oh, and Ralph is adorable!

  3. Your table is perfect for your climate! The whimsy is in the Betty Boop and the frog in the rain coat so cute!!! Love all the colors with the flashlights and blue votives for emergencies. We spent part of the summer in Oregon when my son was working there. I know how green it is and the difference in the coast, Willamette Valley(pronounced will-lam-it, and the mountains. Gorgeous scenery, too! Cute tablescape and the info on your climate!