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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Painter's Tablescape

My sister Pat has a wicked sense of humor. OK - so it has taken me thirteen years to pick the "right" color to paint my house, and yes, I did choose beige........I know - not the most exciting color in the world. But, at least, it is over. Beige it is. The painters are here and the color is going on as I write. My sister decided to throw a "celebration" luncheon to commemorate the "event." And, of course, the table reflects her choice of themes.

Color is the key word to describe the tablescape. Pat used every color of Fiestaware that we own. She borrowed the painter's overalls to use as the basis for the placemats. She took eight different colored napkins and napkin rings to add to the settings. The centerpiece is a mass of colored silk flowers arranged in a paint can. All in all, it made a very colorful impact. And best of all, the Luncheon ladies loved it.

Over view of the table
Scarlett, Tangerine, Rose, and Cinnabar Fiestaware with a Peacock colored napkin
Cobalt, Peacock, White, and Marigold Fiestaware with an Orange napkin and Lemongrass ring
Periwinkle, Paprika, Plum, and Lemongrass Fiestaware with a soft Yellow napkin and green ring
Chocolate, Scarlett, Sunshine Yellow, and Juniper Fiestaware with a Lavender napkin and Orange ring
Sea Mist, Flamingo, Cobalt, and Tangerine Fiestaware with Lemongrass Green napkin and Purple ring
Sunshine Yellow, White, Evergreen, and Plum Fiestaware with a Purple napkin and Red napkin ring
Shamrock, Apricot, Persimmon, and Evergreen Fiestaware with a Hot Pink napkin and Blue napkin ring
Turquoise, Rose, Heather, and Black Fiestaware with a Green napkin and Yellow napkin ring
The Vase???? A lovely Sherwin Williams paint can courtesy of the painters......
Just one of the Periwinkle Blue Fiestaware candle holders that Pat used
Juniper colored Fiestaware candle holder
Pat used simple but elegant Spode "Image" flatware since the place setting was so "busy"
Close up of the five piece place setting
Pat also used simple and unadorned stemmed drinkware
One of eight "individually designed" placemats
Rose colored Fiestaware salt and pepper shakers
Turquoise salt and pepper shakers add another color to the table
One last view from the other end of the table

Where it all came from:
Tablecloth Drop Cloth - Ace Hardware
Assorted Dishware - Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin from Macy's and
Flatware - Image by Spode from Tuesday Morning
Water and Wine Glassware:  Dollar Store
Champagne Glass - "Bubbles Galore" by Maxwell Williams from Tuesday Morning
Yellow Candles - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Paint Chips, Paint Stirrers, Paint Can - Gregg Allen Painting
Flowers - Michael's


  1. How fun!!! I bet your sister brings a lot of color into your world!! the table looks great!!

  2. You have a beautiful collection of Fiesta Ware and it makes the table so bright and happy. Only a sister could get away with being so wise about your color choice! I know all about sisters as I am one of three! :) Looks like it was a nice party. Linda

  3. What a fun, colorful sister you have! Your dining room chairs look VERY comfortable ;o)

  4. Hi there! I'm pretty sure this is my first visit to your blog. I'm visiting from Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish!". Your sister DOES have a wicked sense of humor. I LIKE that!!! Her humor, however, has translated into a really fun and imaginative table that not only the lunching ladies could appreciate, but every painter in the world!!! "Ralph" is a fun guest at your table, too! Congratulations on finally deciding on a paint color. I know how tough those kinds of decisions can be. It has been 8 years since we moved into our present home, and I am STILL trying to decide on window treatments!!! :-) Have a happy week!

  5. Adorable! I love all the fun colors -- and what a hilarious tribute from your sister for your final paint decision!

  6. This table makes me smile...what an array of it!

  7. This is one of the cleverest themed tables yet. Love the color, color, color and all the painter details. I'm going to remember this one!