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Schumann Wild Rose
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday lunch in Rio Dell

WOW! Sunday was warm!!!! With temperatures hovering way below 60 degrees for most of the Summer, it was a real treat to see 65 degrees (of course, I was at my sister's house in Rio Dell, CA which is always hotter than Eureka.) We had lunch on the patio - naturally, Pat "set" the table for the meal. Luckily, I brought the camera with me and took a few pictures of the place settings.

She fixed fresh sundried tomato pesto on fettucini, fresh cucumber and tomato salad and flat Italian string beans that had been picked minutes before they hit the steamer. Lunch was great.

Gorgeous day to match a beautiful outdoor table.

Lemongrass and turquoise colored Fiestaware match the placemats and napkins.

Close up of the place setting.

No plastic here - Pat used inexpensive Dollar Store glassware.

Satin finished flatware looked great with the dishes.

Inexpensive silk flower from Michael's and PVC pipe make a great napkin ring.

Close up of the turquoise Fiesta salad plate.

This is a Lemongrass luncheon size plate in Fiestaware.

For a charger, Pat used her white Centura dinner plate by Corning.

Just a white lantern with a lemongrass green candle for a centerpiece.

Another view of the table.

The water feature sounded perfect during the meal.

Placemats and matching napkins:  Tuesday Morning
White napkins:  Target
Napkin rings:  Hand made from PVC pipe and silk flowers
White Centura dinner plates:  from Pat's collection (wedding gifts 40 years ago)
Fiestaware Lemongrass luncheon plates:  Kohl's
Fiestaware Turquoise salad and bread and butter plates:  Homer
Green stemware:  Dollar Store
Flatware:  Costco
Centerpiece Lantern:  Target
Lemongrass colored candle:  Michael's

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