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Schumann Wild Rose
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day (the first Monday in September) is observed by Americans to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers. Through picnics, parades, and parties, Americans come together to give praise to laborers around the country who make America strong. So, each year, we set a table to show our appreciation to the workforce that gives so much.

This year, the table features carpenters and painters. Pat started with a napkin that she made in yellow and black. She then used yellow and black Waechtersbach dishware - it's sturdy design is perfect for the table. Here's what she came up with.
Overview of the table.

Another view of the table.

The place setting.

Hammered handles add the right touch to a worker's table.

The napkin ring consists of two rings with a screwdriver in matching color.

Simple black water goblet and a bottle of beer - the perfect beverage.

The charger is black Color Spectrum by Mikasa.

Naturally, the centerpiece had to be a tool box.

Another view of the table.

Betty works hard, too.

Tablecloth:  Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Waechtersbach Dinnerware:  Tuesday Morning,, and eBay
Black Charger:  Mikasa Color Spectrum from Replacements
Hammered handled flatware:  Costco this season
Black Goblets:  Pier 1
Yellow and Black Napkin:  Handmade by Pat
Black Napkin:  Target
Napkin rings:  PVC pipe spray painted

Have a very Happy Labor Day.

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