Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gladys' Birthday table

Twice a year, my family celebrates a collective birthday for our dogs - yes, I said dogs. We all love them. Let me explain: Seven years ago (7/05) a very special lady found her neighbors' three purebred dachshunds wondering the neighborhood. When she took them home, she discovered that her neighbor had passed away. This lovely lady took in the three dogs (she already had two dachshunds and a purebred Lab puppy) - then she found out that one of the females was going to have puppies. What to do???? She contacted my cousin (the dish collector) who had one of the original puppies from this dog. He was willing to take one more puppy. He contacted me - I would take one. My brother and his wife were willing to take one. Great. Pam could find homes for the adult dogs and thought she would have no trouble if Kelly (the pregnant dog) had more than three puppies. Short end to the story: no one wanted the adult dogs. So, I took them. Yes - that gave me four dachshunds. And then I took in two more dachshunds from another home just a year later (my sweet brother took in one, too.) Yes, my house if full of dachshunds and dishes......everywhere you look. Life is great!!!

Anyway, the puppies were born 8-23-05. (We also celebrate in January when the last three additions to the family were born.) So......Pat came over yesterday and started to get the table ready for the celebration. Crystal and silver - only the best - for her canine "nieces."
The finished table - quite spectacular!!! Can't say this table is going to the dogs.......

Another view.

A place setting featuring a long haired red Dachshund.

Another type of Dachshund - this is a short haired red.

A black Dachshund - just like the birthday girl, Gladys.
A wire-haired Dachshund.

The place setting without the napkins.

You can see the detail on the Dinner plates.

This charger is exquisite.

Of course, Pat used a bone shaped placemat.

Closeup of the silverware.

The napkin ring is the exact colors of the place setting.

Gorgeous Cris d'Arques "Lady Diamond" crystal.

All three Dachshunds are from SANDICAST sculptures. Pat made sure they had something to eat, too.

The candle holder is solid crystal.

Betty has her own Dachshund.

You can't tell from the picture, but Betty's Dachshund has a glitter-like finish to match her dress.

A final view of the table. Happy birthday Gladys (and your sisters Cassie and Teeny.)

Dinnerware:  by Danbury Mint given to me as a gift from my dear friend, Sue (who also loves dogs.)
Charger:  Pier I
Flatware:  King James by Oneida
Glassware:  Lady Diamond by Cris d'Arques
Napkins:  Handmade by Pat
Napkin rings:  Pier I
Candleholders:  Gottschalks (a local Department store out of business)
SANDICAST dachshunds:  Linda's Hallmark Store in Fortuna (now only in Redding, CA)
Betty's glitter Dachshund:  Gift from my Niece

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