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Schumann Wild Rose
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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Green Champagne Flute Challenge

Have you ever bought something just because you really, really liked it, but had no idea what to do with it? Well, that is the story behind a green champagne flute that I bought from Replacements (the famous home of the "Great Wall of China" - but that is another story.......) in North Carolina. Fortunately, I am related to two very talented women - my sister and her daughter. So, I put a challenge to them via email one day - what can "we" do with this glass? My niece emailed me back immediately with a great idea.

I did not have an accent plate in the color scheme that she suggested, but we improvised. She loves Fiestaware as you know, so of course the setting uses it. is used in a very elegant way unlike most tablescapes using Fiestaware. It's not exactly what Jennifer had pictured, but it works.
This is the green champagne flute that started it all.

Overview of the table done in amber, gold, green, and brown.

Close up of the place setting.

You can see the detail on the "Gold Iconic" flatware.

The napkin ring in gold and amber is from Pier 1.

Starting from the top of the place setting......

Next layer. (This is actually a salad plate, luncheon plate and then the dinner plate in Fiestaware.)

The plates are in a beautiful chocolate brown.

A gold charger under it all.

The amber candle holders are from Pat's collection. They hold natural beeswax candles in a beautiful, soft yellow color.

Amber votive holders match the candle sticks.

Detail of the two placemats used in the place setting. 

Just another view of the table.

Green placemats - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Gold/Green woven placemats - Costco
Fiestaware - Homer Laughlin's Chocolate Brown currently available
Flatware - Wallace's Gold Iconic from Replacements (we love this place - we live in earthquake country)
Brown and green napkins - handmade by Pat
Gold beaded napkins - Pier 1
Napkin rings - Pier 1
Green champagne flute or trumpet glass - (you can get anything for the table there)
Brown goblet - by Lenox from eBay
Amber candle holders - from Pat
Amber votives - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Centerpiece and candles - Michael's

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