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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tax Time Flutter Tablescape

It's tax time.......say "Goodbye" to your money. It seems to just flutter away.  Pat decided to do a tablescape to acknowledge our "contributions" to Uncle Sam.  First thing that she thought of was butterflies.....what could be better than the flutter butterflies make especially if they are made from money?

Pat used green and gold (like money) as the color theme. She wanted something pretty and elegant like a butterfly.
Over view of the table

The place setting

Yes, we use these glasses too much, but they were perfect for this tablescape

The "butterfly"

The napkin ring is from Pier 1 last year
Malachite green dishware is from the Maryland China Company

This gorgeous charger is Mansfield by Lenox

I love these champagne glasses - by Judel

Butterflies........even in the flower arrangement

One last view from the other end of the table
The table consists of:

Tablecloth:  Gift from Pat
Chargers and Bread/Butter Plates:  Mansfield by Lenox from my niece (sorry, Jennifer, I'll return them some year.....) and from
Green Malachite Dinner and Salad Plates:  from the Maryland China Company
Green Napkins:  Handmade by Pat
Gold and Pearl Napkin Rings:  Pier 1
Light Amber/Gold Crackle Water and Wine Glasses:  Pier 1
Green Trumpet Champagne Glass:  by Judel from Replacements. com
Gold Flatware:  from eBay
Candle Holders:  From Pat's personal collection
Green Candles:  Pier 1

Please join us Wednesday night at Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish":

And apologies to friends and family who asked me for the links to the blogs I mentioned last week. Sorry, I just get a little weird when I think about the possibility of  Limoges in my bathroom and 50 different kinds of chargers. Here you are:

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OK - now is the time to "promote" our other blog.......(at the end of this one. Just in case no one reads this far, it seems like the perfect spot. We are still working on the format.)  It is a blog showing tablescapes/place settings for the diner eating alone. No big, fancy tables full of dishes - just a single place setting. We are experimenting using one item (i.e. certain dish pattern or a charger or a glass) in simple, different and unique ways to make it seem special every time you eat even if you are by yourself.

Here's what Pat had me doing Saturday..........(I have to admit that this was better than the pine cone gathering day. I wasn't in any danger from falling trees, Big Foot or other deep forest vermin..... or armed pot growers.)
I ironed-Pat folded. Yes, my sister had me ironing money. Good grief.

I learned that even old money becomes crisp when ironed

Here's Pat (or at least her fingers) 


  1. I love your sense of humor when it comes to tablescapes! I look forward to seeing your weekly creations - they make my Mondays. You made me laugh out loud at the mention of ironing money -- I had been wondering if the butterflies were made of real bills. Such a lovely, elegant table with an undertone of humor from those butterflies!

    BTW for some reason starting last week I can no longer view the photos in most of your more recent posts. It starts with the Elvis tablescape and continues through St. Patrick's Day. I can see the colorful Orange and Turquoise table photos, and then not the Easter ones, but the pictures for the Blue and White and this Tax Day table are visible. Instead, I am seeing lots of white squares with a grey circle containing a white dash in the center of each square. I don't know why I see some photos and not others -- it also happens on your other blog, but not on anyone else's. Just thought you might want to know in case others are having a similar problem. Thanks again for your creations -- I look forward to next week!

  2. Love this table. The butterfly money is so funny! I am going to check out your other blog. I often set a tray for one so this is perfect for me.

  3. Oh so pretty and elegant! It must be fun with two sisters working together. I love the money butterflies... Too cute! I like the idea of the tablescapes for one, too!

  4. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that you ironed the money for this table!!! It is fabulous. Love that china too. I've often eyed it on the Maryland China site.

    I did read all the way to the bottom and I'm off to check out your other blog!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. And you ironed the money!!! But the butterflies are wonderful pieces and fit so well with the theme and the table. I saw those dishes, oh they are gorgeous. It's just a fabulous table. Your style is exquisite.. and my money just flies out the door... blessings, xo marlis

  6. What a fun post! Those butterflies are gorgeous. Clever idea that I want to try myself. Love the pretty dishes bordered in the marbled green, and like you, love those green flutes.

  7. Who would have thought of taking a very depressing time and making it joyful! I had such fun looking at this table. Those money butterflies are perfect for showing how our money flies away in April. You can never show those glasses enough for me - I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!

  8. I love the flutes! Your table is beautiful and love your inspiration. Stopping by from Cuisine Kathleen's.

  9. I have had that china in my cart at MC, lol, don't you think this Irish gal should have a set like that? I have a place setting of Fitzgerald by Noritake that 8 got fot 3.00 at the outlet as it was a display. I will have to think about MC again!

    I love this table, and I think the money ironing is hysterical! And we should use our things over and over!

    About your other link up a post to Let's Dish. One from each blog is fine, afterall, there are two of you!

    I think it is great you share this hobby with your sis!

    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!