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Monday, April 15, 2013

Flower Power Tablescape

Humboldt County - one of the last bastions of flower power, summer of love, love children, flowers in you hair, and all the other reminders of hippies. We still have children named "Moonbeam," "Sunlight," and "Starshine." We are famous for our "Humboldt honeys" - those darlings in hemp clothes with no shoes (or maybe a pair of very ugly Birkenstocks), no bra, no clean hair, no wash machine. And the guys aren't much better. Our local Humboldt State University was recently made famous by a mention on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He told the world about a program that students can get a degree in - the study of marijuana. Just special.......

Well anyway, back to normal. Pat and I thought "flower power" was a perfect way to practice on a table for the April 24th challenge on Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" blog (. The theme for that challenge is spring, birds, bees, flowers, or trees.  So flowers it is........albeit Humboldt County, CA style (love, peace, and all that stuff.)

Over view of the table
The place setting

Inexpensive flatware is by Cambridge

Close up of the five piece place setting

We had to use the orange and blue glasses again. This time with flower glasses from Pier 1.

First layer of the place setting consists of a Sunshine yellow Fiestaware salad plate.
Pat use a Tangerine Fiestaware luncheon plate next

This was followed by a Peacock Fiestaware dinner plate

Wooden chargers are from the Cancer Society's Discovery Shop

Lemongrass bowl and Scarlett bread and butter plate from Fiestaware
Pat chose an "lovely" vase - Ball canning jar from her shed

What Flower Power table would be complete without a VW bus????

Pat used these little wooden peace signs as votive holders

Ralph as a "flower child." Sorry, we couldn't figure out how to get flowers in his hair.

Remember this??? Pat found them deep in my curio.....
Only the "finest" wine - a local brand from the next county over
One last view from the other end of the table

Where is came from:
Placemats - Pier 1
Wooden Chargers - Cancer Society's Discovery Shop
Dishware - Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin from Macy's, Replacements, Kohl's
Flower Glassware - Pier 1
Orange and Blue Glass - from Marshall's in Santa Rosa, CA
Flatware - by Cambridge from Ross
Napkins - Handmade by Pat
Round Peace Sign Votive Holders - Michael's
Votive holders - Pat's personal collection
Votives - Michael's
VW Bus - Ross
Wooden Peace/Victory Signs - from my Mother-in-law over forty years ago (yeah, don't bother with the math. Both Pat and I were "there" in the 60's. The difference was we had a wash machine, work ethic, sense of values and duty, and a set of parents that were not liberal.)

Please join us Wednesday night for Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish":

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  1. Whoa, like, groovy, man! Where do I even start? I haven't seen so much '60s decor since, well, the '60s! I can't believe you found those peace signs, and that VW bus. Your table is so totally psychedelic -- so much fun! Peace, love, and rock 'n roll, ladies!

  2. Oh I am of the 'flower child' era also! But yes clean clothes and I washed my hair!! Still this is a fun and bright table. I love all the colors and the peace signs are my favorite I guess, cause you just don't see those everywhere anymore! Fun!

  3. I am a flower child! And you brought it all back in those wonderful colors of Fiesta ware. Will I ever look at it again without that thought? Oh yeah ditto, Linda, I too had long CLEAN hair! I love the peace items sooo much. and the colors.. It's so wonderful. xo marlis

  4. What a great table. So fun and full of life, but my favorite thing is that VW bus. Where on earth did you find that?

    When you come and visit do leave a comment so I know you've been there!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. You will not believe how hard I just laughed!!! My husband came up from downstairs thinking I that surely I must have finally gone completely over the edge!!! :-) I missed Kimmel's shout out re: Humboldt State University. That's funny! I figure it this way: We all gotta be famous for somthin', right? It could be worse! I think it would actually be kind of neat to visit that college campus just to take it all in! (Or maybe not take it ALL in...("[I] didn't inhale.") :-)

    On to your COOL table!!!!!! LOVE all the color and fun symbolism of the 60s! The VW bus is just the cat's pajamas!!! Oh, wait...that's a saying from the 50s. I should say it's GROOVY! I like the way the colorful bandannas are tied like they used wear them around their heads. Ralph is really stylin', too! (I think Ralph just possibly might have inhaled!) :-)

    Color everywhere! I love it!!!!!!! Have a great week, and thank you for a good belly laugh!

  6. I feel like I should be wearing bell bottoms to view this one! I cannot believe that you had the VW bus!! How much fun is this? It is a real feast for the eyes. Love the bold colors and flowers - wow! I always love seeing what you two clever ladies do next!!

  7. Flower power, indeed! This is an adorable table. Takes me back to the 60s with such fun. Gotta love the VW bus. Peace and love........Sarah

  8. Clever, clever clever! Love that VW bus, I remember them so well.
    Love this colorful table. Hey if you are going to San Fran, wear a flower in your hair! :)