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Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blue Danube Birthday Party

This week is our Birthday! It's been one year since we first started our blog. What a fantastic time it has been.....and have we learned a lot! It all started when I googled "how do you store dishware" two years ago and the sky burst opened. Good grief - first I found a site called "The Tablescaper " ( and all became well with the world. My addiction was validated. Alma showed the world her "stash" - she even has Limoges in her bathroom. She's my hero. Next I moved on to Alicia at Tablescapes at Twenty-One. She has nearly 50 chargers alone......what a dream come true. And that's just a start to the stuff she has. My heart still beats at the thought.

So many more tablescapers came forward to show us obviously novice dish hoarders how to store dishes. Cuisine Kathleen. Candy at the Little Round Table. Marlis at Creative Journeys. And the list goes on.

Then Alma hosted another "Where do I keep it all?" event the following year. Heaven above! You should see her tablecloth collection. And her napkins. And her napkin rings. And her placemats. And the list goes on......I do apologize to her for the hundreds of times my sister, my niece, my cousin, my friends, and I checked out her blog. It was just a severe case of tablescape envy.....

So, to all of you who have inspired us - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We thank you for being so generous with your information and skill about tables. And we are grateful for all the tablescapes you have shared.
Over view of the table

The place setting
Pat started with a simple navy blue placemat covered with a gorgeous lace one
The coup shaped white charger is by Bernardaud (one of our favorites)
The second charger is a blue glass plate by Bormolio
The dish pattern is Blue Danube
Last layer is the Cream Soup and Liner
Blue water and wine goblet with a trumpet style Champagne flute
Flatware is Nobility "Wind Song"
Pat put two trays on the table
The gravy boat is quite large
Individual butter holders at each place setting
One last look at the table from the other end
Where it all comes from:
Tablecloth:  Gift from Pat
Blue Placemats:  Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Lace Placemats:  Lentz Department Store (local store in Ferndale, CA)
Blue Danube Dishware:  Gottschalk's (Department Store out of business) and after the 2009 Earthquake
Flatware:  Wind Song by Nobility from eBay
Water Glass:  Pier 1 last year
Wine Glass:  by Artland from
Champagne Glass:  "Selection" by Cris d'Arques from Ross Dress (and Set Your Table) for Less
Napkins:  Target
Silver Napkin Rings:  Art and Old Things (local Antique store in Fortuna, CA)
Candles:  Michael's

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish this Wednesday night:

Before I end - a special thanks to Cuisine Kathleen for her help. I knew next to nothing about blogland or computers. You were so very patient.......and your tablescapes are wonderful.


  1. The two of you have layering down to an art form! What a marvelous tablescape -- I find it hard to do blue and white without adding a third color, but you have shown me that it is not necessary. I have only recently discovered tablescape blogs. Once my camera skills improve, I may have to join in on the fun! I haven't seen Betty in a while. Next time, maybe?

  2. Happy Birthday! I am so glad you started blogging and sharing your tablescapes. When I found your blog I went back and looked at everyone of your previous posts! What a feast for a tablescaper! This is another beautiful table. I love the Blue Danube china and you can never go wrong with blue and white in my opinion! Looking forward to another year of great tables!

    hugs, Linda

  3. Happy Birthday..congratulations for making a whole year...that takes a lot of commitment...and your table is so favorite is those little individual butter dishes...I have never seen them before.. are they old?
    Love, Mona

  4. What an elegant table you've set. I love the Blue Danube pattern and with all your accessories, the dishes are just showcased even more.

  5. I am echoing Kitty....the blue danube pattern is stunning, and what great detail to the table. Wonderful job!

  6. Well first, Happy 1st year anniversary. I have been away from a lot of tablescaping for about as long as you have been blogging so I'm just "meeting" you. What an incredible way to meet you with this gorgeous table. I love every corner of it from dishes to stems. The blue and white is among my favorite color combinations for a table, and this one is really beautiful.

  7. Happy Wednesday, and Happy One Year Anniversary!!! Woo hoo! Raise the roof and pump up the music!!! I am flattered that you mention my name as one of the persons who fed your addiction! You know that misery loves company! :-)

    This is a super, super pretty table!!! Blue & white is one of my favorite color themes, and you Pat have done a heck of a job displaying it in all its glory!!! I love that you used 2 chargers (you KNOW how I love those chargers!!!), and your cream soup bowls are just gorgeous! In all the billions of dishes I own, there is not ONE cream soup bowl among them!!! I am very, very ashamed. :-)

    This is a wonderful presentation, and I am so glad that you guys are as immersed as the rest of us now! It's kind of like the Mafia you know: Just when you think you're out, we'll pull you right back in! :-) :-) :-) Happy Anniversary, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

  8. Wow! I always love a Blue and White table. And this table is so stunning!! Beautiful tablescape!

    Jocelyn @


    Your tablescape is absolutely STUNNING. I mean it is absolutley over-the-top incredible.

    Just wow, and a whole lotta sighs.

    Very well done - look forward to another year of your bloggin!

    Best wishes!

  10. This is so beautiful! I love that china, and the whole table is just delightful!

    Have a good week, and thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  11. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your birthday! Thank you so much for your kind comments. I have a feeling there may be some members of your house who are not quite as thankful for my introduction. LOL!

    Your table is beautiful. I love blue and white! That is one serious collection of Blue Danube.

    While I don't think I'd go so far as Alycia, it is addicting.Hope you'll continue to have fun with it.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Just read your little note! You are so welcome, happy to share the very little I know! And, YOUR tables are beautiful!

  13. I love this table!! I am just now collecting blues for the table. I hesitated on some goblets, but now seeing the color with this china, I know I'm hitting the right notes. Love the German dish pattern with the bold cobalt goblets. The lace placemats are stunning. blessings, xo marlis

  14. This is really lovely! The china, the placemats...cannot pick a favorite. Happy blogaversary!