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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Annual Spotted Cow Tablescape

Last Saturday marked the 48th annual Milk Can Game between two local rival high school football teams. It is a fiercely contested game that brings out the citizens from both towns in droves. The winning school has "ownership" of the coveted milk can until the following year when it is up for grabs again. (Yeah, exciting, I know.....)

Anyway, to support both teams and show no preference (sorry, Jim and Jennifer - Pat's husband and daughter who both graduated from Ferndale High School), we set the table once again in the traditional, neutral "cow" theme.
Over view of the table - needless to say, I have straw EVERYWHERE

Close up of the place setting

Flatware is black ceramic "Decision" by Noritake

Of course, Pat had to use matching glassware

Pat made the napkins from spotted cow theme material

Even the napkin ring is a cow.....

Yellow bowl is "Fun Factory" by Waechtersbach

Both the salad plate and dinner plate have the spotted cow look

Close up of the five piece place setting of flatware

The centerpiece is a bouquet of small sunflowers in a vintage pitcher sitting on straw (what's not on my floor, chairs, dachshunds, etc........)

Pat used cow salt and pepper shakers nestled "in the hay"

Yes, we have a cow butter dish, too. Pat's husband was raised on a dairy ranch......

Place card holders are all cows - naturally, the name tag is cow theme, too.

Creamer and sugar bowl sit among the hay.......

What to drink? Milk, what else? From our local creamery 

Coffee/tea cup for those who prefer something stronger than milk

My family thought I had "lost it" when I brought Ralph home several years ago. How could they think such a thing? Everyone can use a three and a half foot tall frog in their livingroom....Here he stands in front of our version of the teams' milk can.

One last look at the table from the other end

Ah, Ralph! Handsome as ever with his bouquet of flowers and milk can......

Where it came from:
Placemat - from Pier 1
Dishware - "Spotted Cow" by Tienshan from Replacements and eBay
Flatware - "Decision" by Noritake from eBay
Glassware - from Replacements
Yellow Bowls - "Fun Factory" by Waeschtersbach from Replacements
Napkins - Handmade by Pat (fabric is still available at JoAnn's)
Cow Napkin Rings - vintage from our collection but I see them on eBay a lot
Cow Name Card Holders - Pier 1
Candle Holders - Discovery Shop (our local Cancer Society Thrift Store)
White Pitcher - vintage
Ralph - from Robert's (a wonderful store full of treasures long out of business)
Milk Can - a gift to me from Silvie Moranda (Pat's wonderful late father-in-law)

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday:


  1. Cowabunga! What else can I say? I love this table, and I am in awe of this copious quantity of cow -- where in the world did you find it all? The touch of yellow is the perfect complement to the black and white. I hope you won't have to spend days cleaning up all the straw in your house -- you are a braver woman than I am for letting Pat pile it on your dining room table! Thanks for another fun table, ladies!

  2. What a unique tablescape which gave me a big smile. I love the spotted cow china and you certainly needed this set for the two town rivalry. The cute centerpiece with the cows I and hay is wonderful. Have a great week!

  3. This table just makes me smile - i love it! I have never seen cow dishes!! Very cute table!!

  4. Love this! Perfect way to carry out a theme. The hay is a great table runner....

  5. What a fun table! LOVE the spotted cow decor! It looks fabulous with the pops of yellow and the hay/straw is brilliant! Great story too, what a wonderful tradition!

  6. Oh, my goodness, I laughed out loud when I saw your table!! What a fun display!! Your choice of sunflowers is the perfect pop of color. Thank you for starting my day with a smile. Your talents are outstanding, as always.

  7. This is a really fun table. And I have to say that I to had to laugh out loud when I saw it too. Thank you ladies, you have done a marvelous job of mooing it up.