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Schumann Wild Rose
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

WOW! What a weekend. It was the Family marathon three-day tablescaping event. Pat's daughter Jennifer was "over" (from Redding, CA which is on the other side of the hill - a three hour trip on a good day through a winding and somewhat hazardous road with slides, one-ways, lengthy stops for road work, etc.) But where there is a will, there is a way. Loaded down with literally hundreds and hundreds of pieces of Fiestaware - including 16 complete 4-pieces place settings and matching luncheon plates that she left for Pat and me, Jennifer's SUV was packed solid for the weekend. She also brought over a sampling of Fiesta salad plates in more than a dozen different colors - some of which are no longer available. It was, to say the least, astounding. She had platters, bowls of different sizes, cups, saucers, plates, accent pieces - you name it - she brought it. Like she said, she felt like she was a mobile Fiestaware Outlet. It was truly a great weekend.

The weekend was not just limited to Fiestaware. We set tables in several themes - the one below is to celebrate the Rodeo Weekend in Fortuna, CA.

Overview of the table.

The place setting - definitely set for a Barbeque.

Glassware includes a mason jar and short beer glass.

Placemat and napkin are men-style hankies.

No Fiestaware here - Pat's very used Waeschterwach cherry red salad plates.

This was really a clean plate - it was the photographer.

Simple flatware in satin finish is perfect for this setting.

Pat's individual bean pots (found at a rummage sale) look natural.

Pat used an emply can as a candleholder.

We had little pieces of straw everywhere.

Yes, vegetarian beans........I don't eat meat.

Mens-style hankies - Michael's and WalMart
Cobalt blue Fiestaware - from Jennifer's collection
Red Salad plate - Waeschtersbach cherry red
Pie pan - Marie Callender
Flatware - Costco several years ago
Individual Bean pots - Rummage sale
Small bale of hay - Michael's

Just a little extra - Here's a little sampling of some of the settings that we did this weekend:

Orange and blue. Cobalt Fiesta, Noritake flatware, Pier 1 glasses.

Here it is in brown. Glasses are by Lenox. Napkin ring is from Pier 1.

Very classy, this setting uses white Portieux glassware.

Fiestaware can be mixed and match. 

Spoiler alert: You'll probably see many of these place settings as tablescapes later on.

Can you believe? Turquoise Fiesta so dressy?

Here's Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz with Rose colored Fiesta.

Gold colored charger and gold flatware make Scarlet and Brown Fiesta gorgeous.

I love this combination: Turquoise and Chocolat Fiesta.

Calvin Klein Luna dinnerware mixed with Pier 1 charger and accent plate.

Pat couldn't resist: Flamingos and Fiesta (this is the Rose colored Fiesta.)

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