Schumann Wild Rose

Schumann Wild Rose
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fiestaware - again???? Yeah, we definitely have fallen in love with the stuff. Today's table is something Pat "threw together" with the limited amount of dishes that we have (borrowed from her daughter, Jennifer) and the great find of on-sale colorful placemats from Pier I. (Tomorrow, Jennifer will be here for a weekend tablescape marathon loaded with a huge sampling of her Fiestaware in many colors and several other pieces that she picked up for us from her local Macy's. We have just one store in the entire county that sells Fiesta, and they do not carry a whole lot of colors to choose from.)

The placemats and the napkins and napkin rings are the foundation for the tablescape. They are repeated at each setting. Since Pat only had four dinner plates in turquoise and four in rose color,  she alternated every other place.

The little children figurines are from our Mother's collection. They are called Moppets by Gorham produced in the early 1970's.

Overview of the table.

Closeup of the turquoise and yellow Fiestaware setting.

Closeup of the rose and ivory placesetting.

Pat used simple, satin finish flatware.

Glassware is called "Samba" from Libby.

Fiesta candleholders were produced in colors to match the dishware.

Closeup of one of the Moppets figurines. Each were surprisingly detailed.

This is a luncheon size plate in ivory.

Closeup of the rose colored dinner plate.

Placemats - Pier I
Flatware - Costco several years ago
Fiestaware - borrowed from Pat's daughter
Napkin - Target
Napkin ring - handmade from PVC pipe and flower from Michael's
Glassware - Samba by Libby from Ross

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