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Schumann Wild Rose
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Metallic Green Charger Tablescape

A couple of weeks ago, Pat and I went shopping - nothing new....we always go shopping together. We "hit" the usual stores (Humboldt County, CA has a very limited number of stores) - Michael's, Pier 1, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Costco, Target, Dollar Store, Tuesday Morning - searching for bargains. At Michael's, we saw these very unusual metallic green chargers. Some were in terrible shape. Others were not so bad. But the price looked good. The shelf was marked at $.79 each. We went through the stack and selected twelve of the best looking. Then Pat noticed that some were $.99 each. Now, you will learn a family secret. My sister is frugal.....nay, let's tell the sister is cheap when it comes to bargains. "No, $.99 is way too much. I think we should put them back." After spending 20 minutes going through the short stack of chargers (another thing, never go shopping for bargains with Pat where you have to go through a stack of anything) there was no way I was going to put them back. Up to the cash register and then out the door with my "$.99 a piece" chargers...................Living on the edge..............

So this week, Pat used the very "expensive" lacquer chargers that cost me twenty cents more than I should have paid for each of them. Pat selected glasses and napkin overlays to match. Then she chose an accent plate that set the whole place setting off. I think the table looks perfect.

Over view of the table

Close up of the place setting
Pat chose an elegant gold plated flatware to go with the dinner plate

The five piece place setting

A white napkin surrounded by a green overlay is held by a gold and pearl napkin ring

The green glass is almost the same color as the charger

First layer of the place setting is the gorgeous metallic peacock accent plate from Pier 1

The dinner plate is "Mansfield" by Lenox

Ah Ha!!!!! The very "expensive" green lacquer charger that started it all............

The napkin ring is from Pier 1

Pat made two small arrangements for each side of the larger one

The extra large arrangement is flanked by gold hurricanes.

Pat put the arrangement on a green charger topped with a gold plate

The small arrangements were made in matching gold bowls. Pat placed each of them on a white plate (to coordinate with the big arrangement) and then on a gold salad plate

These fragile gold color votive holders are from Pier 1 last Christmas

One last look from the other end of the table

Where is came from:
Tablecloth - Gift from Pat
Chargers, Votives and Silk Flowers - Michael's
Dinner Plate and Bread/Butter Plate - Mansfield by Lenox from Replacements
Peacock Accent Plate, Napkin Overlay, Napkin Ring, Glasses, Gold Plates, Gold Bowls, Votive Holders - Pier 1
Gold Flatware - by F.B. Rogers (pattern unknown) from eBay
Gold Candle Holders - Ross
White Centerpiece - Target

We will be joining Cuisine Kathleen's "Let's Dish" this Wednesday night:

Before I end, The Tablescaper is celebrating her fourth Blog-a-versary on June 2, 2013. As part of her "Seasonal Sundays," she is hosting another "Where Do You Keep It All?" party. As EVERYONE who knows me knows, I adore her. She is my absolute hero and those are my favorite ever blog postings. With any luck (and courage to expose myself to the world) I am finally going to join her party., my apologies to you. Yes, I am going to let the secret out. I will be free. Hold your head up high and tell your friends and in-laws "Oh, that's just the crazy Aunt with all the dishes we told you about." And Alma - thank you once again.


  1. Again, I find myself admiring one of your tablescapes. I like the "unusual" metallic green chargers...and then the way you built upon them as your inspiration. Everything you added is set off by those pretty green chargers. Just Brilliant!! My "good" china is Lenox Mansfield so again, there is a special connection to your tablescape.

  2. This is just stunning! The peacock plates are so pretty but the setting just makes them pop! Love the metallic green chargers and I think that is a darn good price! I keep saying how can you top yourselves, but you do!

  3. What a splendid tablescape....I don't know what I like more, the peacock plates, the gold flatware or the color scheme...OK, Love all of it!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh boy those peacock dishes are fabulous and those "expensive" green chargers really help to highlight them! I love the gold accents and your centerpiece florals. Those swirl green glasses are lovely! Great job!

  5. I LOVE this table! Funny thing, I looked at those chargers at Michael's and almost bought them but was afraid the metallic green was just a little harsh, but you have elevated them to the stunning level! The peacock plates are perfect with them, and all the other bright green accessories you added. Fabulous table!

  6. I saw those peacock plates, but let me say, this combination took them at least two levels up! I love those overpriced chargers. They are the most perfect color. This just a real fabulous table. Great job!!! xo marlis

  7. You are too kind. I'm so happy that you will be joining "Where do you keep it all?". I'm always curious to see where and how fellow dish-a-holics store their loot!

    I love this table. The green metallic chargers give this table such an interesting touch.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper